UPDATE: Limited Run Games has taken to Twitter yet again to raise the hype for upcoming titles. Not only will Saturday Morning RPG be hitting the Switch this spring (see below), but once the company’s Twitter follower count reaches 60k, it’ll be making another exciting announcement as it continues to work towards the goal of 65k.


Needless to say, we’re looking forward to hearing any other Switch related news that pops up from LRG. We’ll keep you posted as the Twitter follower count climbs, so stay tuned!

Original article: Saturday Morning RPG coming to Nintendo Switch this spring
Written by Jennifer Burch

In a push to hit a goal of 65,000 followers on Twitter, Limited Run Games decided to announce a new title at 55,400 followers.

Originally teased last year in a tweet by the head of Limited Run Games and Mighty Rabbit Studios, Josh Fairhurst, Saturday Morning RPG will be on the Nintendo Switch this spring. LRG’s official Twitter account confirmed that the company will be in charge of a physical release and that the game would also be available in the eShop.


For those who might be wondering why Limited Run Games is bringing a port to the Nintendo Switch, it later addressed this question in a reply tweet:


So yes, more games from the company’s PlayStation-side catalog will make the switch, but there are also new games in the works, thanks to its development team, Mighty Rabbit Studios.


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