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The recent Feh Channel broadcast for Fire Emblem Heroes shared a lot, but the biggest surprise had to have been a whole new chapter to its story. Called “Book II,” it’ll see the game’s original cast heading off to encounter new kingdoms and characters. At the center of it all is a princess of ice named Fjorm. She’s not just going to sit around and wait for things to happen though; instead, she takes to the battlefield alongside her comrades.


Her kit looks incredibly powerful, with skills that complement each and reward you for keeping allies close. While players will be able to receive her for free as a present after progressing through the new story, she’s also going to be available via an extra special summoning focus.

I went over the full details before, but I’d like to remind players that characters will be available at an 8% appearance rate (the highest yet in game for five star heroes) and with no other five star characters available. That means if you’re getting a five star character, it’s going to be one of the featured characters. Fjorm and the 11 others all have things that make them worth going for, whether be it incredible stats and skills or just the appeal of Xander celebrating springtime.

You’ll be able to access this new content when the game rolls over to tomorrow, happening at 11:00 p.m. PT. This update will also bring along quite a bit of maintenance, making it unavailable to play beginning at 3:00 p.m. PT. The downtime should be worth it though, as this is set to be the biggest addition to the game since launch.

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Written by Ricky Berg

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