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Sharpen your stakes and stock up on holy water: dungeon crawling, multiplayer masterpiece Crawl is being resurrected for Nintendo Switch!

The news comes courtesy of a recent blog post by developer Powerhoof, along with the promise of a release date announcement shortly after the team’s return from Day of the Devs – an annual festival in celebration of indie gaming and development taking place this weekend in San Francisco.

For those who’ve yet to experience its addictive multiplayer mayhem, Crawl is a cross-genre gem for up to four players, marrying elements of roguelikes, bullet hells and brawlers. The kicker? One player advances through randomly generated dungeons as a human hero while the rest control spirits with the power to possess horrific beasts and treacherous traps. The spooky spectre fortunate enough to kill the hero immediately swaps roles, continuing the underground onslaught until eventually felling a brooding final boss under the other players’ collective control. This unique gameplay concept couples perfectly with Crawl’s beautifully retro aesthetic and cryptic soundtrack, not to mention the Switch’s propensity for 4-player Joy-Con action.

We’ll be sure to update this article in the future once an official release date creeps up. In the meantime, grab some friends and check out the game’s original pixel powered launch trailer:

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Written by Matthew Weidner

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