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Bethesda Softworks in recent years seems to have one goal in mind above all else: port and re-release The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim as many times as possible on as many platforms as possible. Only Minecraft has been more prevalent in the gaming sphere. Which is why, upon Bethesda tweeting a cute little mockup of a SNES version of Skyrim to celebrate the SNES Classic (and remind people of November’s Switch port), one can almost believe it’s real.


One has to wonder if the house of Todd Howard and his cronies get some sort of perverse pleasure out of releasing Skyrim so many times. Sure, it’s a successful game, but there has to be a stopping point. When will Skyrim hit graphing calculators? Or fax machines? Or the Wonderswan Color? The SNES mockup almost feels like a warning or even a threat, as if saying “it’ll happen, just you wait.” There has to be a limit, Todd. There has to be a point where the madness ends. We can’t all play Skyrim forever, especially when Breath of the Wild is pretty much better in every way.

Skyrim releases November 17th on Switch, for the people who want it on the go or somehow have skipped the playable toaster version.

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Written by Amelia Fruzzetti

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