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This is it, everyone. The final stretch. If you’re not getting seriously pumped up, then you’re probably not keeping track of dates very well.

In exactly one month, those of us lucky enough to own a Switch (hopefully that’s everyone reading!) will be comfortably sitting in our gaming chairs with Pauline’s beautiful mayoral singing voice ringing in our ears.

In one month, Super Mario Odyssey will hit store shelves.

It’s not any sort of secret that Mario Odyssey is bound to be one of the biggest games of the year regardless of platform, but this rings true particularly on the Switch. The previews we’ve seen for the game are shaping it up to be one of the best in the franchise, if not the best in the franchise, and that has a lot of us really excited.

On top of that, the map that’s been (somewhat) revealed has us pining to return to beloved locations within the Super Mario Universe (such as Isle Delfino), and with the world-traveling theme of this game, the possibility doesn’t seem too unlikely.

And of course, I can only really speak for myself, but I know that I’m more than excited to meet a handful of new exciting, fun, and hilarious characters and species that are bound to show up in this kind of game.

I think for many fans, too, what’s so exciting about Mario Odyssey is that, despite all of the information that’s been revealed, there’s still plenty of content that’ll only be seen once it’s released. With such a short wait until release day, there’s not a lot more opportunity to show off what’s coming, and Nintendo will definitely want to keep some things a secret.

With the Switch already having seen several big first party releases in its first year, it’s almost hard to believe that Super Mario Odyssey is coming so soon. It’s difficult to tell exactly how the game will stack up against Breath of the Wild, still arguably the Switch’s biggest hit since launch (despite the overwhelming success of games like ARMS and Splatoon 2), but my guess is that it’s going to impress fans around the world.

My prediction is that Super Mario Odyssey is going to be the other “must play” game of the year… but that’s just me.

Basically, if you’re not hyped for Super Mario Odyssey… get hyped. We’re one month away (four weeks, 30 days, 720 hours, or however you want to count down) from release day and that month will be behind us before you know it. For those of you who don’t have a Switch yet, don’t forget that a Super Mario Odyssey Switch bundle releases on the same day as the game, packaged with a complete Switch and digital download code for the game.

And don’t forget about the amiibo, either!

Super Mario Odyssey launches worldwide on October 27th.

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Written by George Comatas

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