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UPDATE: Fans of Stardew Valley will be happy to hear that the popular game has officially been submitted to Nintendo for testing. With enough luck on our side, maybe this means we’ll see the title out on Nintendo Switch before the year ends after all.



Original article: Stardew Valley update, testing underway
Written by: Jennifer Burch

Last we heard about Stardew Valley’s journey to the Nintendo Switch, there was a chance it would be delayed to early 2018. That information was never officially confirmed, but the notion was definitely hinted at. It seemed especially likely with the Switch being the first console to include multiplayer mode.

This morning, Chucklefish Games’ CEO and Designer, Finn Brice, tweeted the following:


Such a pleasant surprise! Depending on how well testing goes, Stardew Valley might just make it out in 2017 after all.

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