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First and foremost, this piece will contain massive spoilers for Splatoon 2’s future — concerning new content with future update(s). All this information was found via the Wii Sports team mod group. The team is composed of a group of friends who modded the original Splatoon and they wish to do the same with the sequel.

While waiting for Splatfest to end and for the results to appear, redditor OatmealDome made a post that shook the Splatoon subreddit with excitement.

If you’re curious and wish to avoid major spoilers, Reddit user Bitnopa made a “spoiler free” list for those who want to be kept surprised (mostly). Read the below, but be warned: after that, we’re spilling all the ink.

“Spoiler content summarized semi-spoil-free so you can decide whether to click on the spoil:

  • New weapon type discovered, We also got some new info on a theme of upcoming weapons and a preview of one.
  • Two new returning maps have gotten some info.
  • New map names have been found, Including some salmon run map names.
  • There are some high class spoils near the end, I can’t say more without spoiling stuff.”

If you want even more specifics, read what we’ve shared below.


Files for Kelp Dome and Blackbelly Skatepark have been found in the Version 1.1.1 update. These maps have been tinkered with, so don’t expect the original versions from Splatoon to make a comeback. Two new maps have been found, with the names Line and Tunnel (which can be assumed are placeholder names). These most certainly aren’t the maps that were shown off briefly in Splatoon 2’s last Direct. Those are named Kawa and Pillar and have placeholder images for now.

If you loved Shifty Station, then this next piece of information might be of interest. The map is in the game’s code, but it’s the test version — so it’s limited to debug mode and test files. When a Splatfest goes live, Nintendo has the game download the finished stage model and layout file.

It’s funny, just the other day I was asking for more Salmon Run maps, and now we’ll probably be getting two more. Map files with the names Shakehouse and Threepoints were found. Still being tested, these were in the original Version 1.0.0 of the game and received a few new files in the Version 1.1.1 update.


It looks like Grizzco is branching out from clothes. While there’s no information as to how they’ll be distributed, there are Grizzco branded weapons of the Blaster, Charger and Brella.

Besides Grizzco related content, we’re also getting a new weapon type that seems like it would have been very fitting for this weekend’s Splatfest. The Squeezer is in development — and yes, it’s a bottle. Curious as to how it works? Sheldon’s dialogue for the weapon, as well as an alternate form of it, have been discovered.

Octogirl? Octoboy?

We knew that Octolings would be making more of an appearance in the game at some point. By the looks of it, they’ll be slamming ink down alongside Inklings.

In the character creation area, the player’s gender input has been replaced with “player type.” Another attribute called “model type” has been found, and it shares the same values as “player type.” The values? They’re Squid Girl, Squid Boy and Oct. Within the same area text that reads “OctBoy” has also been found.

Besides that, there are no models or anything to mod into the current game yet. At the very least, this is just a taste of what’s to come.

What updates do you want to see be implemented first?

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