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With Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 making its way to the Nintendo Switch this fall, fans have raised questions as to whether or not we will be seeing the upcoming Dragon Ball FighterZ on Nintendo’s new console. A port of the Arc System Works developed fighting game isn’t currently planned for the Switch, and rumors have been floating around that the system isn’t powerful enough to run the new game.

In an interview with the French site Gameblog, FighterZ’s producer, Tomoko Hiroki, dispelled any rumors that a lack of power was the reason a Switch version wasn’t made. “I do not know who told you that, but it really is not about power,” Hiroki states. “I will say that if we continue to receive requests from the fans, we will manage to create a Switch version also.”

We can’t be sure why Bandai Namco didn’t decide to port Dragon Ball FighterZ to the Nintendo Switch from the get-go. It could be possible that Bandai Namco wanted to wait and see how Xenoverse 2 does sales-wise on the platform before they invest in porting another game to the console. However, if the demand for FighterZ is strong enough, Bandai Namco may consider porting the game over sometime after its initial release later this year.

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Written by Bobby Soto

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