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Nintendo of America has uploaded the English version of a help/how-to video, the same one its Japanese division posted earlier this week.

To brush up for this weekend’s Global Testpunch, the video is broken down into five sections: Basic Controls, Modes & Rules, Tips & Tricks, The Fighters and Extra Stuff. Here’s a quick rundown of all the topics:

  • Basic Controls shows off all controllers you can use and their button layouts.
  • Modes & Rules covers standard Fights, V-Ball, Hoops, Skillshot, 1-on-100, Party Match, Ranked Match, Get ARMS and Items.
  • Tips & Tricks has slides for dashing, guard moves, when to use your rush attack, fighter and ARMS weight classes, the ARMS “weapons triangle” and more!
  • The Fighters section is a bit self-explanatory.
  • Lastly, the Extra Stuff section. There’s lots of cool information in here, like the Home button being disabled during matches, lobbies, and more when using the Joy-Cons in their thumb grip/motion control format. So there won’t be any matches accidentally getting stopped or rage quitting. If you become a pro at the Get ARMS (for getting ARMS), then you might want to try beating this score: 30,780. This is the dev team’s all-time high score… so beating this one might very well make you a champion in some respects! The dev team’s personal best time of 3:24.16 for 1-on-100 was also shared. Beat both and have the ultimate bragging rights!


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Written by Jennifer Burch

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