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Oh Biff, at it again, teasing us with new information and food. Yes, food! You might want to grab a snack before diving into today’s roundup.

New Challenger Approaching

Teased back in the ARMS Direct last month, the final opponent in the game’s Grand Prix looks as if they’ll crash this weekend’s Testpunch. Biff mentions 36 hours in the tweet, so perhaps something will happen at 5:00 p.m. PST tomorrow. That’s when the Global Testpunch goes live for North America… Uh… uh-oh? Prepare your ARMS everybody!

Oh, ramen gods…


Dear Mintendo Noodle House…

Dear Mintendo Noodle House,

Please, oh please, if you’re going to post images like this, promise you’ll at least share a recipe or serve up all ramen bowls in real life pop up restaurants.


More than likely Biff, myself and the entire ARMS fandom

p.s. If the winner of the 2017 ARMS Open Invitational uses Min Min, can they get free ramen for a year? Asking for a friend.

ARMS Spotlight: Tribolt

If you haven’t tried this particular ARM yet, then maybe this sweet GIF will change your mind. One thing is for sure: I would not want to view the Tribolt from this perspective!


Global Testpunch Update & Help

In order for Hoops, Skillshot and Ramen Bowl to be a part of this weekend’s Testpunch, the demo will be getting a slight update.


Nintendo of Japan also uploaded a help video showing off the controls, fighters, tips and more. Now, if only Nintendo of America or the UK could upload an English one…



Tournament Time

Besides the 2017 ARMS Open Invitational that will take place at E3 this month, Japan is getting its own tournament, too! During the World Hobby Fair 2017 Summer convention, only kids can enter. At stake are some neat pieces of merchandise: an ARMS towel, a shirt celebrating the tournament, and a sticker sheet that comes with some Splatoon 2 goodness!


Ninjara is ready to claim the number one spot again for popularity and to get first place for most matches won this weekend! Two days to go for the rest of the world and one day to go for North America.


Ready for the weekend? Who’s your number one fighter pick?

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