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With the release of Splatoon 3, we’ll see a variety of weapons make the leap from Inkopolis Plaza and Inkopolis Square to The Splatlands. They’ll be joining the brand new Stringer and Splatana weapon classes (and perhaps others in future updates).

For longtime Splatoon players, getting weapons will be a little different. Sure, just like in Splatoon and Splatoon 2, Sheldon will be your go-to guy for weapons in Splatoon 3. Yet, for this version of Ammo Knights (Sheldon’s shop), a new “currency” is introduced – Sheldon Licenses. Instead of purchasing weapons with G (Splatoon’s currency, typically referred to as Cash), weapons can only be purchased with Sheldon Licenses.



There are two kinds of Sheldon Licenses. One with a silver appearance and another with a gold finish (officially called Gold Sheldon Licenses). Standard silver Sheldon Licenses are obtained via leveling up (player’s level) and increasing a weapon’s Freshness level (it appears that each weapon maxes out at 5 Freshness levels). Gold Sheldon Licenses can purchase any weapon, no matter the cost. Currently, we know the only way to get 3 Golden Sheldon Licenses is to import your Splatoon 2 save data to Splatoon 3.

Also, Sheldon won’t let you into his establishment until you’ve reached Level 2 – so go on and get a Turf War match in!



More weapons will be added to Splatoon 3 over the next two years and weapons might undergo balance adjustment with updates.


Note: This guide is using data from the Version 3.0.0 update. This includes the 13 new weapons that debuted during Fresh Season 2023 and the Special Points adjustment to various weapons.



WeaponSub WeaponSpecial WeaponPoints for SpecialUnlock RequirementsUnlock RequirementsReleased
.52 GalSplash WallKiller Wail 5.1190pLevel 11Level 11Version 1.0.0
.96 GalSprinklerInk Vac190pLevel 17Level 17Version 1.0.0
.96 Gal DecoSplash WallKraken Royale200pLevel 23Version 3.0.0
Aerospray MGFizzy BombReefslider180pLevel 5Level 5Version 1.0.0
Aerospray RGSprinklerBooyah Bomb200pLevel 18Level 18Version 2.0.0
Ballpoint SplatlingFizzy BombInkjet190pLevel 30Level 30Version 1.0.0
Bamboozler 14 Mk IAutobombKiller Wail 5.1200pLevel 23Level 23Version 1.0.0
Big Swing RollerSplash WallInk Vac200pLevel 16Level 16Version 2.0.0
BlasterAutobombBig Bubbler180pLevel 3Level 3Version 1.0.0
BloblobberSprinklerInk Storm190pLevel 19Level 19Version 1.0.0
Carbon RollerAutobombZipcaster180pLevel 6Level 6Version 1.0.0
Carbon Roller DecoBurst BombTrizooka200pLevel 22Level 22Version 2.0.0
Clash BlasterSplat BombTrizooka180pLevel 22Level 22Version 1.0.0
Clash Blaster NeoCurling BombSuper Chump180pLevel 25Version 3.0.0
Classic SquifferPoint SensorBig Bubbler190pLevel 8Level 8Version 1.0.0
Custom Jet SquelcherToxic MistInk Storm180pLevel 20Version 3.0.0
Custom Splattershot Jr.TorpedoWave Breaker190pLevel 6Level 6Version 2.0.0
Dapple DualiesSquid BeakonTacticooler180pLevel 14Level 14Version 1.0.0
Dapple Dualies NouveauTorpedoReefslider190pLevel 26Level 26Version 2.0.0
Dark Tetra DualiesAutobombReefslider200pLevel 17Level 17Version 1.0.0
Dualie SquelchersSplat BombWave Breaker200pLevel 8Level 8Version 1.0.0
Dynamo RollerSprinklerTacticooler190pLevel 12Level 12Version 1.0.0
E-liter 4KInk MineWave Breaker210pLevel 18Level 18Version 1.0.0
E-liter 4K ScopeInk MineWave Breaker210pLevel 27Level 27Version 1.0.0
ExplosherPoint SensorInk Storm200pLevel 29Level 29Version 1.0.0
Flingza RollerInk MineTenta Missiles210pLevel 20Level 20Version 1.0.0
Forge Splattershot ProSuction BombBooyah Bomb210pLevel 20Level 20Version 2.0.0
Glooga DualiesSplash WallBooyah Bomb180pLevel 21Level 21Version 1.0.0
Goo TuberTorpedoTenta Missiles200pLevel 25Level 25Version 1.0.0
H-3 NozzlenosePoint SensorTacticooler190pLevel 24Level 24Version 1.0.0
Heavy SplatlingSprinklerWave Breaker200pLevel 4Level 4Version 1.0.0
Hero Shot ReplicaSuction BombTrizooka190pComplete Splatoon 3's Story ModeComplete Splatoon 3's Story ModeVersion 1.0.0
Hydra SplatlingAutobombBooyah Bomb190pLevel 20Level 20Version 1.0.0
InkbrushSplat BombKiller Wail 5.1180pLevel 7Level 7Version 1.0.0
Inkbrush NouveauInk MineUltra Stamp180pLevel 15Level 15Version 2.0.0
Jet SquelcherAngle ShooterInk Vac190pLevel 15Level 15Version 1.0.0
Krak-On Splat RollerSquid BeakonKraken Royale180pLevel 7Version 3.0.0
L-3 NozzlenoseCurling BombCrab Tank200pLevel 13Level 13Version 1.0.0
L-3 Nozzlenose DBurst BombUltra Stamp200pLevel 19Version 3.0.0
Luna BlasterSplat BombZipcaster180pLevel 13Level 13Version 1.0.0
Luna Blaster NeoFizzy BombUltra Stamp180pLevel 24Level 24Version 2.0.0
Mini SplatlingBurst BombUltra Stamp180pLevel 12Level 12Version 1.0.0
N-ZAP '85Suction BombTacticooler180pLevel 6Level 6Version 1.0.0
N-ZAP '89AutobombSuper Chump180pLevel 11Version 3.0.0
Nautilus 47Point SensorInk Storm190pLevel 28Level 28Version 1.0.0
Neo Splash-o-maticSuction BombTriple Inkstrike200pLevel 21Version 3.0.0
Neo Sploosh-o-maticSquid BeakonKiller Wail 5.1180pLevel 13Version 3.0.0
OctobrushSuction BombZipcaster200pLevel 4Level 4Version 1.0.0
Range BlasterSuction BombWave Breaker200pLevel 11Level 11Version 1.0.0
Rapid BlasterInk MineTriple Inkstrike200pLevel 7Level 7Version 1.0.0
Rapid Blaster DecoTorpedoInkjet200pLevel 10Version 3.0.0
Rapid Blaster ProToxic MistInk Vac180pLevel 26Level 26Version 1.0.0
REEF-LUX 450Curling BombTenta Missiles210pLevel 10Level 10Version 1.0.0
SlosherSplat BombTriple Inkstrike200pLevel 3Level 3Version 1.0.0
Slosher DecoAngle ShooterZipcaster180pLevel 12Level 12Version 2.0.0
Sloshing MachineFizzy BombBooyah Bomb220pLevel 14Level 14Version 1.0.0
Snipewriter 5HSprinklerTacticooler200pLevel 14Level 14Version 2.0.0
Splash-o-maticBurst BombCrab Tank200pLevel 16Level 16Version 1.0.0
Splat BrellaSprinklerTriple Inkstrike200pLevel 5Level 5Version 1.0.0
Splat ChargerSplat BombInk Vac200pLevel 2Level 2Version 1.0.0
Splat DualiesSuction BombCrab Tank190pLevel 3Level 3Version 1.0.0
Splat RollerCurling BombBig Bubbler180pLevel 2Level 2Version 1.0.0
Splatana StamperBurst BombZipcaster200pLevel 15Level 15Version 1.0.0
Splatana WiperTorpedoUltra Stamp190pLevel 5Level 5Version 1.0.0
SplatterscopeSplat BombInk Vac200pLevel 10Level 10Version 1.0.0
SplattershotSuction BombTrizooka190pLevel 2Level 2Version 1.0.0
Splattershot Jr.Splat BombBig Bubbler180pLevel 1 (Given from the start)Level 1 (Given from the start)Version 1.0.0
Splattershot NovaPoint SensorKiller Wail 5.1190pLevel 8Level 8Version 2.0.0
Splattershot ProAngle ShooterCrab Tank180pLevel 9Level 9Version 1.0.0
Sploosh-o-maticCurling BombUltra Stamp180pLevel 9Level 9Version 1.0.0
SqueezerSplash WallTrizooka200pLevel 19Level 19Version 1.0.0
Tenta BrellaSquid BeakonInk Vac190pLevel 16Level 16Version 1.0.0
Tentatek SplattershotSplat BombTriple Inkstrike190pLevel 10Level 10Version 2.0.0
Tri-SlosherToxic MistInkjet180pLevel 10Level 10Version 1.0.0
Tri-Slosher NouveauFizzy BombTacticooler180pLevel 17Version 3.0.0
Tri-StringerToxic MistKiller Wail 5.1190pLevel 4Level 4Version 1.0.0
Undercover BrellaInk MineReefslider180pLevel 18Level 18Version 1.0.0
Z+F Splat ChargerSplash WallTriple Inkstrike210pLevel 9Version 3.0.0
Z+F SplatterscopeSplash WallTriple Inkstrike210p Level 15Version 3.0.0
Zink Mini SplatlingToxic MistBig Bubbler200pLevel 25Level 25Version 2.0.0



  • The Unlock Requirements column is to note…
    • …what player level you need to be in order to purchase that weapon for 1 Sheldon License. If you are considered under-leveled for that weapon, it’ll cost you 3 Sheldon Licenses.
    • … how to unlock the Hero Shot Replica in Story Mode. You must defeat the final boss. Once defeated (and watching cutscenes and credits), go to the Lobby Terminal in the Lobby to pick it up and other rewards.
  • If you purchase a weapon with a Golden Sheldon License (or with 3 Sheldon Licenses), you will still hear Sheldon’s spiel about the weapon and its kit when you enter the store when your level matches its “level unlock” requirements.


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