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You can’t go into Splatoon 3 Splatfest World Premiere without a weapon! For this special demo, all Squids and Octos will have access to 26 different weapons – including the brand new Tri-Stringer and Splatana Wiper.

Each weapon will have its own Sub Weapon and Special Weapon (and a specific amount of ink points to unleash the special). When the Splatfest is active, test out weapons to find which one caters to your play style, and then hop into battle. Don’t forget about some stylish gear! You can read up on what’s available in our Splatoon 3 Splatfest World Premiere: Headgear, Clothes, and Shoes guide.

Back to weapons though! Until Splatfest begins, here’s what weapons you’ll find in your Equip Menu and some key stats about ’em:



WeaponSub WeaponSpecial WeaponPoints for Special
.52 GalSplash WallKiller Wail 5.1200p
Aerospray MGFizzy BombReefslider200p
BlasterAutobombBig Bubbler180p
Dark Tetra DualiesAutobombReefslider200p
Dynamo RollerSprinklerTacticooler190p
E-liter 4KInk MineWave Breaker200p
E-liter 4K ScopeInk MineWave Breaker200p
Heavy SplatlingSprinklerWave Breaker200p
Hyrda SplatlingAutobombBooyah Bomb190p
InkbrushSplat BombKiller Wail 5.1180p
Luna BlasterSplat BombZipcaster180p
N-ZAP '85Suction BombTacticooler200p
OctobrushSuction BombZipcaster200p
SlosherSplat BombTriple Inkstrike200p
Splat BrellaSprinklerTriple Inkstrike200p
Splat ChargerSplat BombInk Vac200p
Splat DualiesSuction BombCrab Tank200p
Splat RollerCurling BombBig Bubbler180p
Splatana WiperTorpedoUltra Stamp180p
SplatterscopeSplat BombInk Vac200p
SplattershotSuction BombTrizooka200p
Splattershot Jr.Splat BombBig Bubbler180p
Splattershot ProAngle ShooterCrab Tank200p
Tenta BrellaSquid BeakonInk Vac190p
Tri-SlosherToxic MistInkjet190p
Tri-StringerToxic MistKiller Wail 5.1200p


During Splatfest when you reach Level 2, you can go visit Sheldon at his weapon shop (Ammo Knights). Yet, for Splatoon 3, his weapons can’t be bought with gold. Instead, they cost “Sheldon Licenses”, which probably won’t be issued out during this Splatfest. Hey, at least you can browse! Maybe even test one out (provided you meet the level requirement)?

No matter what this Splatfest’s outcome is, you won’t be able to take all the free weapons to your save file for Splatoon 3. So for now, just have fun, and “Booyah!” your way to victory.


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Written by Jennifer Burch

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