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The Splatoon 3 Splatfest World Premiere demo is now open! Rolling out to various regions where it’s Thursday, August 25th, the demo is getting players ready for what awaits in Splatoon 3.

Of course, when you’re gonna battle in 4 vs. 4 Turf Wars or Anarchy Battles, you have to be wearing the right gear (weapons too, which you can read up in our Splatoon 3 Splatfest World Premiere: Weapons guide). For this special event, all Squids and Octos will get a kit of various gear – headgear, clothes, and shoes. It helps since a fresh rating (a.k.a. level up to Level 4, ya scrub) is needed to buy gear from Naut Couture, Man-o’-Wardrobe, and Crush Station! Since there’s no way to level up until Splatfest matches are in session, you’ll just have to make do with the following gear automatically added to your inventory:



NameBrandAbilitySub Ability Slots (Open)Stars
Annaki CharmsAnnakiSwim Speed Up10
BlobMob MaskEmberzTenacity10
Bucket HatSquidForceSpecial Saver10
Cephalo PodsForgeInk Recovery Up10
Classic BowlerSplash MobRun Speed Up21
FishFry VisorFirefinSpecial Charge Up10
Forge MaskForgeIntensify Action10
Home-Team CatcherForgeInk Resistance Up10
Howdy HatRockenbergSub Resistance Up32
Ink-Black Flap CapBarazushiSpecial Power Up32
Moto ShadesBarazushiLast-Ditch Effort32
Ocho OctoPhonesForgeOpening Gambit21
Party Hard HatForgeQuick Super Jump32
SquidbandZinkQuick Respawn10
Squidbeak ShieldToni KensaSub Power Up21
Streetstyle CapSkalopInk Saver (Sub)10
Studio HeadphonesForgeInk Saver (Main)21



NameBrandAbilitySub Ability Slots (Open)Stars
Splatfest TeeSquidForceAbility Doubler32
Tri-Shred TeeSquidForceQuick Respawn10



NameBrandAbilitySub Ability Slots (Open)Stars
Arrow Toesies BluTakorokaInk Recovery Up10
BlobMob Flip-FlopsEmberzInk Resistance Up10
Blue & Black Squidkid IVEnperryQuick Super Jump32
Blue Lo-TopsZekkoSub Resistance Up10
Desert ChukkasBarazushiStealth Jump32
E-JECT 30XXEmberzSpecial Power Up21
Force ReBootsTakorokaSpecial Saver10
Mako Bucket Hi-TopsEmberzSub Power Up21
Orange Dadfoot SandalsZinkRun Speed Up10
Pink Dadfoot SandalsZinkIntensify Action10
Slamgerine Slip-OnsTakorokaInk Saver (Main)32
Snow Delta StrapsInklineSwim Speed Up32
Suede BossesBarazushiObject Shredder32
Sunset Orca Hi-TopsTakorokaDrop Roller21
Tenya OctoRedsTentatekQuick Respawn21
U JellysTakorokaSpecial Charge Up21
White 3-StrapsSplash MobInk Saver (Sub)32


During Splatfest, when you reach Level 4 then you can go visit Naut Couture, Man-o’-Wardrobe, and Crush Station. Provided you have enough gold in hand (er, tentacle?), you’ll have six different items to purchase. Item selection rotates at the start of a new day and is random and will vary by player/Nintendo Account.

No matter what this Splatfest’s outcome is, you won’t be able to take all the free and purchased gear into your save file for Splatoon 3. So for now, just have fun, and “Booyah!” your way to victory.


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Written by Jennifer Burch

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