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You can’t jump into a Turf War without some styling threads! Splatoon 3 is here and that means there’s a whole new wardrobe for Inkling and Octolings to collect. Don’t worry, some gear from the previous Splatoon and Splatoon 2 have made the journey to Splatoon 3, but there are also plenty of new items.

Gear is still split into three categories: headgear, clothing, and shoes. Each piece will have a main ability to help you in battle as well as up to 3 secondary ability slots (also called sub abilities). Each item’s main ability can’t be changed (in most cases – SplatNet 3 may offer items with different main abilities, like in Splatoon 2 with SplatNet 2, and/or Salmon Run’s gear having multiple payout versions), whereas it is an RNG free-for-all with the secondary abilities (these can be altered via Murch with the use of chunks).

To add gear to your collection and battle build-out repertoire, you’ll be shopping once again. There are three main shops where you’ll get your gear and you must reach Level 4 before being allowed in. Each is dedicated to a particular set (headgear, clothing, or shoes). They are:



  • Headgear: Naut Couture (run by Gnarly Eddy and Nails)
  • Clothing: Man-o’-Wardrobe (organized by the esteemed and fashionable Jel La Fleur)
  • Shoes: Crush Station (manned by Mr. Coco)


Purchasing gear from these stores will require Cash (those gold-looking coins referred to as “G” in some Sunken Scrolls). Inventory from these shops changes daily at 5 p.m. PT | 8 p.m. ET (instead of midnight your time like in Splatoon 2). You’ll also be able to find gear for sale (at a higher price) via the Nintendo Switch Online mobile app’s SplatNet 3. You can also buy gear from players you’ve played with or against in multiplayer. There are some limitations though, as your order will be delivered the next day, can only order up to three pieces of gear in advance, and might have to pay a higher price thanks to Murch.

Note: Gear you already own may appear in stock at Naut Couture, Man-o’-Wardrobe, and Crush Station. If that particular piece of gear doesn’t have 3 secondary slots, you can add an additional slot. This is also true for increasing the item’s star rank. The prices are as follows:

  • First repurchase: 10,000 Cash
  • Second repurchase: 30,000 Cash
  • Third repurchase: 50,000 Cash
  • Fourth repurchase: 100,000 Cash
  • Fifth repurchase: 200,000 Cash

You can only purchase one slot upgrade at a time/store restock (can’t go from 1 secondary slot to all 3 in a day – same is true for star rank). You can also trade in gear, for a fee and it’ll revert to its original number of secondary slots, original main ability, and starting star rank.



You can also increase a gear’s star power and secondary ability slots with Super Sea Snails obtained from participating in Splatfests. These will be distributed after Splatfest results have been posted. To use these Super Sea Snails, go to Murch (who resides just outside of the Lobby building in Splatsville).

For Splatoon 3, there’s also a brand new shop – Hotlantis. While Harmony mainly deals in selling goods to decorate your locker with, she’ll also hand out a seasonal catalog. These catalogs will reward players with Splashtags, gear, emotes, titles, and more. Gear that’s listed as a catalog reward has also been spotted on SplatNet 3 and has a base price, so they might also pop up in clothing stores (but might be limited to adding on secondary ability slots or trading it in).


Note: Catalog Gear appears in stores after you’ve unlocked it via the catalog OR buying it off of another player and paying Murch’s delivery/finder’s fee. Select items cannot be purchased from other players until you’ve obtained the item from the catalog (these are listed under the tables of each gear section).



Gear can be obtained in other ways too – specifically with amiibo, promotional releases (i.e.: if copying Splatoon 2, then via My Nintendo rewards, released via the Splatoon 3 Channel on Nintendo Switch, etc.), story progression, and Salmon Run.

  • amiibo: Splatoon amiibo, when scanned, will give out specific gear. These pieces can only be obtained via amiibo and cannot be ordered from another player. Check out our amiibo guide to see it in action.
  • Promotional releases: Generally, these items are exclusive to a promotion. They typically require a one-time-use code, booting up Splatoon 3 via a particular post on the Splatoon 3 Channel on the Nintendo Switch, scanning a QR Code with SplatNet 3, etc. As for if they can be ordered from another player, we’ll have to wait for the first set of gear to be released. (Typically no, but some seasonal sets released in Splatoon 2 via the Splatoon 2 Channel could be ordered and also appeared in SplatNet 2.)
    • The examples given are based on distribution methods for Splatoon 2.
  • Story: Gear specific to certain characters and/or specifically made for Splatoon 3’s Story Mode can only be obtained by completing the necessary levels. These cannot be ordered from another player.
  • Salmon Run:
    • Mr. Grizz is ready to pay you in Grizzco Points again. You’ll be able to exchange these for capsules and if you earn enough points you’ll get a piece of gear too!
    • Your Grizzco uniform is available in different varieties now! They require Fish Scales (which are obtained from Xtrawave rounds with King Salmonids) and can only be purchased at Grizzco’s company store. You won’t be able to order these off of another player as they’re limited to being worn only in Salmon Run. Pity.



  • Some data (prices, clothing brands, number of sub-ability slots, etc.) may be incomplete due to recent seasonal releases. They’ll be updated accordingly over the next few days/weeks.
  • Gear obtained from Splatoon 3’s Story Mode is listed.
  • Headgear items from upcoming Grizzco payouts have been found in the game’s data and are included.
  • It has also been discovered that some gear is currently planned to be a future season catalog reward item.



NameBrandAbilitySub Ability Slots (Open)StarsAvailable viaCostSplatNet 3 PriceReleased
18K AviatorsRockenbergLast-Ditch Effort32Naut Couture12,00018,000Version 1.0.0
360 All-ScopesGrizzcoQuick Respawn, AnyUp to 3Up to 2Salmon Run (February 2023 reward)N/AN/AVersion 2.0.0
Air Gills DXSquidForceTenacity10Drizzle Season 2022 catalog, Level 198252,062Version 1.0.0
Annaki BeretAnnakiInk Resistance Up32Chill Season 2022 catalog, Level 6511,50017,250Version 2.0.0
Annaki Beret & GlassesAnnakiInk Saver (Main)32Naut Couture7,85011,775Version 2.0.0
Annaki CharmsAnnakiSwim Speed Up10Naut Couture7771,942Version 1.0.0
Annaki MaskAnnakiOpening Gambit21Naut Couture3,6007,200Version 1.0.0
Armor Helmet ReplicaCuttlegearTenacity21Marie amiiboN/AN/AVersion 1.0.0
Astro HelmGrizzcoQuick Respawn, AnyUp to 3Up to 2Salmon Run (December 2022 reward)N/AN/AVersion 1.0.0
Bamboo HatInklineInk Saver (Main)21Naut Couture2,2004,400Version 1.0.0
BeachcomberInklineOpening Gambit32Drizzle Season 2022 catalog, Level 599,80014,700Version 1.0.0
BlobMob MaskEmberzTenacity10Naut Couture8252,062Version 1.0.0
Blowfish Bell HatFirefinInk Recovery Up10Naut Couture850Version 2.0.0
Boss FlossamiiboIntensify Action21Splatoon 3 Inkling (Yellow) amiiboN/AN/AVersion 1.2.0
Brain StrainerGrizzcoQuick Respawn, AnyUp to 3Up to 2Salmon Run (November 2022 reward)N/AN/AVersion 1.0.0
Bream-Brim CapGrizzcoQuick Respawn, AnyUp to 3Up to 2Salmon Run (September 2022 reward)N/AN/AVersion 1.0.0
Bucket HatSquidForceSpecial Saver10Naut Couture4001,000Version 1.0.0
Cephalo PodsForgeInk Recovery Up10Start out with, Naut Couture1,9804,950Version 1.0.0
Chaos HelmamiiboSpecial Power Up21Splatoon 3 Smallfry amiiboN/AN/AVersion 1.2.0
Classic BowlerSplash MobRun Speed Up21Naut Couture3,0006,000Version 1.0.0
Classic Straw BoaterSkalopSpecial Power Up21Drizzle Season 2022 catalog, Level 691,5003,000Version 1.0.0
Cycling CapZinkSub Power Up10Naut Couture8002,000Version 1.0.0
Deep Sinker HelmGrizzcoQuick Respawn, AnyUp to 3Up to 2Salmon Run (March 2023 reward)N/AN/AVersion 2.0.0
Designer HeadphonesForgeInk Saver (Sub)21Naut Couture2,5005,000Version 1.0.0
Double Egg ShadesZekkoRun Speed Up21Naut Couture2,2004,400Version 1.0.0
Enchanted HatamiiboInk Saver (Main)21Octoling Girl amiiboN/AN/AVersion 1.0.0
Face VisorToni KensaSub Resistance Up32Naut Couture10,30015,450Version 1.0.0
Fake ContactsTentatekSpecial Charge Up21Unreleased, possible future Catalog reward2,000N/AVersion 1.2.0
Firefin FacemaskFirefinRun Speed Up10Naut Couture6501,625Version 1.0.0
FishFry Biscuit BandanaFirefinSpecial Power Up10Naut Couture1,2503,125Version 1.0.0
FishFry VisorFirefinSpecial Charge Up10Naut Couture5001,250Version 1.0.0
Five-Alarm HelmetGrizzcoQuick Respawn, AnyUp to 3Up to 2Salmon Run (January 2023 reward)N/AN/AVersion 2.0.0
Forge MaskForgeIntensify Action10Naut Couture1,4003,500Version 1.0.0
Fresh Fish HeadamiiboComeback21Octoling Octo amiiboN/AN/AVersion 1.0.0
Full-Moon GlassesKrak-OnQuick Super Jump10Naut Couture6001,500Version 1.0.0
Glassless GlassesToni KensaQuick Respawn32Drizzle Season 2022 catalog, Level 8911,00016,500Version 1.0.0
Half-Rim GlassesSplash MobSpecial Power Up21Naut Couture4,1008,200Version 1.0.0
Hero Headset ReplicaCuttlegearRun Speed Up21Callie amiiboN/AN/AVersion 1.0.0
Hero Mindset ReplicaCuttlegearSub Resistance Up21Complete Story Mode (defeat Final Boss).N/AN/AVersion 1.0.0
Hickory Work CapKrak-OnSpecial Power Up32Naut Couture8,70013,050Version 1.0.0
Hipster Horn-RimsSplash MobSub Resistance Up32Chill Season 2022 catalog, Level 7711,200N/AVersion 2.0.0
Hockey HelmetForgeIntensify Action32Naut Couture9,90014,850Version 1.0.0
Home-Team CatcherForgeInk Resistance Up10Naut Couture1,9604,900Version 1.0.0
House-Tag Denim CapSplash MobSpecial Charge Up21Naut Couture5,20010,400Version 2.0.0
Howdy HatRockenbergSub Resistance Up32Naut Couture13,00019,500Version 1.0.0
Ink-Black Flap CapBarazushiSpecial Power Up32Naut Couture11,20016,800Version 1.0.0
Ink-Tinted GogglesEmberzSwim Speed Up32Naut Couture10,50015,750Version 1.0.0
InvisifloatsInklineComeback21Naut Couture2,7805,560Version 1.0.0
Jean Dream BucketSplash MobInk Recovery Up21Naut Couture2,1004,200Version 1.0.0
Jellyvader CapSkalopInk Saver (Sub)32Chill Season 2022 catalog, Level 1710,00015,000Version 2.0.0
Knitted HatFirefinInk Resistance Up10Naut Couture1,4003,500Version 1.0.0
Lightweight CapInklineSwim Speed Up10Naut Couture800Version 2.0.0
Lo-Vis VisorGrizzcoQuick Respawn, AnyUp to 3Up to 2Salmon Run (October 2022 reward)N/AN/AVersion 1.0.0
Marinated HeadphonesamiiboSpecial Saver21Marina amiiboN/AN/AVersion 1.0.0
Moto ShadesBarazushiLast-Ditch Effort32Naut Couture10,20015,300Version 1.0.0
MTB HelmetZekkoTenacity32Naut Couture10,50015,750Version 2.0.0
Ocho OctoPhonesForgeOpening Gambit21Naut Couture3,0006,000Version 1.0.0
Ocho OctoPhones BlancosForgeInk Saver (Main)21Chill Season 2022 catalog, Level 293,000N/AVersion 2.0.0
Octo Tackle Helmet DecoForgeSub Resistance Up32Naut Couture8,88813,332Version 2.0.0
Octoking FacemaskEnperryTenacity10Naut Couture1,4503,625Version 2.0.0
Painter's MaskSquidForceIntensify Action21Naut Couture4,5009,000Version 2.0.0
Paisley BandanaKrak-OnInk Saver (Sub)10Naut Couture7501,875Version 2.0.0
Party Hard HatForgeQuick Super Jump32Naut Couture12,00018,000Version 1.0.0
Pearlescent Crown LamiiboSub Resistance Up21Pearl amiiboN/AN/AVersion 1.0.0
Pearlescent Crown SamiiboSub Resistance Up21Pearl amiiboN/AN/AVersion 1.0.0
Pilot GoggleForgeSub Power Up21Drizzle Season 2022 catalog, Level 295,50011,000Version 1.0.0
Power MaskamiiboSub Resistance Up21Inkling Squid (Orange or Green) amiiboN/AN/AVersion 1.0.0
Power Mask Mk IamiiboInk Resistance Up21Splatoon 2 Inkling Squid (Purple) amiiboN/AN/AVersion 1.0.0
Retro BluFocalsEmberzIntensify Action32Drizzle Season 2022 catalog, Level 3911,70017,550Version 1.0.0
Retro FramersEnperryOpening Gambit32Drizzle Season 2022 catalog, Level 799,90014,850Version 1.0.0
Retro SpecsSplash MobQuick Respawn10Naut Couture5001,250Version 2.0.0
Samurai HelmetamiiboQuick Super Jump21Splatoon Inkling Boy (Blue or Purple) amiiboN/AN/AVersion 1.0.0
Scrum CapForgeSpecial Saver32Chill Season 2022 catalog, Level 418,500N/AVersion 2.0.0
Short BeanieInklineInk Saver (Main)10Naut Couture6001,500Version 2.0.0
Skate HelmetSkalopSpecial Saver21Naut Couture2,5005,000Version 2.0.0
Skull BandanaForgeSpecial Saver32Chill Season 2022 catalog, Level 537,80011,700Version 2.0.0
Splash GogglesForgeSub Resistance Up21Naut Couture2,8005,600Version 1.0.0
Squid Clip-OnsamiiboOpening Gambit21Splatoon 2 Inkling Girl (Pink) amiiboN/AN/AVersion 1.0.0
Squid FacemaskSquidForceInk Saver (Main)10Naut Couture300750Version 2.0.0
Squid HairclipamiiboSwim Speed Up21Splatoon Inkling Girl (Orange or Green) amiiboN/AN/AVersion 1.0.0
Squid-Stitch CapSkalopOpening Gambit32Naut Couture8,50012,750Version 2.0.0
SquidbandZinkQuick Respawn10Naut Couture4001,000Version 1.0.0
Squidbeak ShieldToni KensaSub Power Up21Naut Couture4,0008,000Version 1.0.0
Squidlife HeadphonesForgeInk Recovery Up32Naut Couture7,07010,605Version 1.0.0
Squidvader CapSkalopSpecial Charge Up10Naut Couture1,3003,250Version 1.0.0
Squinja Mask Mk IamiiboQuick Respawn21Splatoon 2 Inkling Boy (Green) amiiboN/AN/AVersion 1.0.0
Squinja Mask Mk IIamiiboQuick Respawn21Splatoon 2 Inkling Boy (Green) amiiboN/AN/AVersion 1.0.0
Stay Crusty CapSquidForceSub Power Up21Wandercrust, Journey 1850N/AVersion 1.0.0
Steel HelmamiiboSpecial Charge Up21Octoling Boy amiiboN/AN/AVersion 1.0.0
Streetstyle CapSkalopInk Saver (Sub)10Naut Couture6001,500Version 1.0.0
Studio HeadphonesForgeInk Saver (Main)21Drizzle Season 2022 catalog, Level 52,8005,600Version 1.0.0
Sushi Sous-Chef BandamiiboInk Saver (Sub)21Splatoon 3 Octoling (Blue) amiiboN/AN/AVersion 1.2.0
SV925 Circle ShadesRockenbergSwim Speed Up32Chill Season 2022 catalog, Level 511,00016,500Version 2.0.0
Swim GogglesZinkLast-Ditch Effort10Naut Couture100250Version 1.0.0
Takoroka MeshTakorokaSub Resistance Up10Naut Couture4001,000Version 1.0.0
Takoroka VisorTakorokaQuick Super Jump32Naut Couture7,50011,250Version 1.0.0
Teddy BandCuttlegearComeback32Complete Story Mode's Secret Kettle (Level)N/AN/AVersion 1.0.0
Tennis HeadbandTentatekComeback10Naut Couture300750Version 1.0.0
Tentaclinger EarringToni KensaQuick Super Jump32Chill Season 2022 catalog, Level 8912,800N/AVersion 2.0.0
Tinted ShadesZekkoLast-Ditch Effort10Naut Couture350875Version 1.0.0
Toni Kensa GogglesToni KensaComeback10Naut Couture200500Version 2.0.0
Triple-Deck SpecsEnperrySub Power Up32Drizzle Season 2022 catalog, Level 10011,30016,950Version 1.0.0
Tulip ParasolInklineInk Resistance Up10Naut Couture1,2803,200Version 2.0.0
Urchins CapSkalopSub Power Up10Naut Couture6001,500Version 1.0.0
Wharfside CapSkalopTenacity21Naut Couture5,00010,000Version 1.0.0
White HeadbandSquidForceInk Recovery Up10Naut Couture300750Version 1.0.0
Winkle Stripe HelmSkalopSub Resistance Up32Naut Couture9,00013,500Version 1.0.0
Woolly Urchins ClassicKrak-OnComeback21Naut Couture3,8007,600Version 1.0.0


Note: The following items must be unlocked via the catalog before ordering from other players and/or purchasing from Naut Couture:

  • Drizzle Season 2022: Air Gills DX, Beachcomber, Glassless Glasses, Retro BluFocals, Retro Framers, and Triple-Deck Specs.
  • Chill Season 2022: Hipster Horn-Rims, Ocho OctoPhones Blancos, Scrum Cap, and Tentaclinger Earring.



NameBrandAbilitySub Ability Slots (Open)StarsAvailable viaCostSplatNet 3 PriceReleased
Airflow & Hustle JacketForgeIntensify Action32Man-o'-Wardrobe11,30016,950Version 1.0.0
Aloha ShirtForgeInk Recovery Up10Man-o'-Wardrobe7001,750Version 1.0.0
Annaki Blue CuffAnnakiSpecial Saver21Man-o'-Wardrobe4,8009,600Version 1.0.0
Annaki Bracelet TeeAnnakiHaunt32Drizzle Season 2022 catalog, Level 708,00012,000Version 1.0.0
Annaki Choker TeeAnnakiSpecial Power Up21Man-o'-Wardrobe4,0008,000Version 1.0.0
Annaki Drive TeeAnnakiThermal Ink21Man-o'-Wardrobe5,50011,000Version 2.0.0
Annaki Flannel HoodieAnnakiSub Resistance Up32Man-o'-Wardrobe9,99914,998Version 1.0.0
Annaki Polpo-Pic TankAnnakiRun Speed Up32Man-o'-Wardrobe6,6609,990Version 2.0.0
Apex SweaterKrak-OnThermal Ink32Man-o'-Wardrobe9,60014,400Version 1.0.0
Apple RingerZinkSub Power Up10Man-o'-Wardrobe1,0002,500Version 1.0.0
Arctic Monster ParkaBarazushiSub Power Up32Man-o'-Wardrobe12,00018,000Version 1.0.0
Armor Jacket ReplicaCuttlegearSpecial Charge Up21Marie amiiboN/AN/AVersion 1.0.0
B-ball Jersey (Home)ZinkSpecial Saver21Man-o'-Wardrobe2,3004,600Version 1.0.0
Barazushi AnorakBarazushiSpecial Power Up21Man-o'-Wardrobe5,20010,400Version 1.0.0
Barazushi Black TeeBarazushiInk Resistance Up10Man-o'-Wardrobe7201,800Version 1.0.0
Barazushi Rice TeeBarazushiHaunt10Man-o'-Wardrobe7201,800Version 1.0.0
Barazushi Sakura TeeBarazushiSub Resistance Up21Man-o'-Wardrobe1,2002,400Version 1.0.0
Barazushi Tuff DuffelBarazushiInk Resistance Up32Chill Season 2022 catalog, Level 10012,000N/AVersion 2.0.0
Barazushi WrapBarazushiInk Saver (Main)32Man-o'-Wardrobe7,20010,800Version 1.0.0
Base White Button UpSplash MobThermal Ink32Chill Season 2022 catalog, Level 909,999N/AVersion 2.0.0
Basic TeeSquidForceQuick Respawn10Man-o'-Wardrobe300750Version 2.0.0
Berry BlobMob TeeEmberzRun Speed Up10Man-o'-Wardrobe1,0502,625Version 1.0.0
Black 8-Bit FishFryFirefinSub Resistance Up10Man-o'-Wardrobe6001,500Version 1.0.0
Black Inky RiderRockenbergSub Power Up32Man-o'-Wardrobe12,10018,150Version 1.0.0
Black PoloZekkoNinja Squid10Man-o'-Wardrobe5001,250Version 1.0.0
Black SquideyeTentatekRun Speed Up10Man-o'-Wardrobe5001,250Version 1.0.0
Black TeeSquidForceSpecial Power Up10Man-o'-Wardrobe4001,000Version 1.0.0
Black V-Neck TeeSquidForceThermal Ink21Upcoming Season catalog3,8007,600Version 1.0.0
Black-Belt GiamiiboHaunt21Splatoon 3 Octoling (Blue) amiiboN/AN/AVersion 1.2.0
Blue Peaks TeeInklineInk Saver (Sub)10Man-o'-Wardrobe4001,000Version 1.0.0
Blue Retro TeeTentatekSpecial Saver21Man-o'-Wardrobe2,8805,760Version 1.0.0
Business AnimalEmberzNinja Squid21Man-o'-Wardrobe2,5005,000Version 1.0.0
Button-Clown ShirtEmberzSpecial Saver32Man-o'-Wardrobe6,3009,450Version 1.0.0
Carnivore TeeFirefinSub Resistance Up10Man-o'-Wardrobe5001,250Version 2.0.0
Chaos Commander SuitamiiboInk Saver (Main)21Splatoon 3 Smallfry amiiboN/AN/AVersion 1.2.0
Chili Octo AlohaKrak-OnSub Resistance Up21Man-o'-Wardrobe4,8509,700Version 1.0.0
Choco Layered LSTakorokaInk Saver (Sub)10Man-o'-Wardrobe1,4003,500Version 1.0.0
Cream Tundra FleeceInklineInk Saver (Main)21Man-o'-Wardrobe3,5007,000Version 1.0.0
Crimson ParashooterAnnakiSpecial Charge Up32Man-o'-Wardrobe9,20013,800Version 1.0.0
Cycling ShirtZinkIntensify Action10Man-o'-Wardrobe2,9005,800Version 1.0.0
Dark Bomber JacketToni KensaSpecial Power Up32Chill Season 2022 catalog, Level 6612,80019,200Version 2.0.0
Distressed VestToni KensaSub Resistance Up32Drizzle Season 2022 catalog, Level 9011,80017,700Version 1.0.0
Duskwave TeeSkalopSpecial Power Up10Man-o'-Wardrobe8802,200Version 1.0.0
Dusty Field JacketInklineIntensify Action21Man-o'-Wardrobe3,4006,800Version 1.0.0
Eelzebub TeeSkalopIntensify Action21Man-o'-Wardrobe2,1004,200Version 1.0.0
Enchanted Robe AamiiboThermal Ink21Octoling Girl amiiboN/AN/AVersion 1.0.0
Enchanted Robe BamiiboThermal Ink21Octoling Girl amiiboN/AN/AVersion 1.0.0
Fancyfish StitchKrak-OnSub Power Up21Man-o'-Wardrobe4,6009,200Version 1.0.0
Fashion Splash ShirtToni KensaQuick Respawn32Man-o'-Wardrobe9,75014,625Version 1.0.0
Firewave TeeSkalopSpecial Charge Up10Man-o'-Wardrobe1,2503,125Version 2.0.0
Forge Inkling ParkaForgeRun Speed Up21Man-o'-Wardrobe2,9005,800Version 2.0.0
Fresh Fish GlovesamiiboQuick Super Jump21Octoling Octo amiiboN/AN/AVersion 1.0.0
Gray HoodieSkalopSub Power Up21Man-o'-Wardrobe1,9003,800Version 1.0.0
Gray Vector TeeTakorokaQuick Super Jump10Man-o'-Wardrobe5001,250Version 1.0.0
Green CardiganSplash MobInk Saver (Sub)21Man-o'-Wardrobe1,7003,400Version 2.0.0
Green TeeForgeSpecial Saver10Man-o'-Wardrobe1,2003,000Version 1.0.0
Herbivore TeeFirefinNinja Squid10Man-o'-Wardrobe5001,250Version 2.0.0
Hero Jacket ReplicaCuttlegearSwim Speed Up21Callie amiiboN/AN/AVersion 1.0.0
Hero Suit ReplicaCuttlegearQuick Respawn10Complete Story Mode (defeat Final Boss).N/AN/AVersion 1.0.0
Hula Punk ShirtAnnakiInk Saver (Main)21Man-o'-Wardrobe5,00010,000Version 1.0.0
Icewave TeeSkalopNinja Squid10Man-o'-Wardrobe1,2503,125Version 2.0.0
Ink-Black Paddle JackToni KensaInk Saver (Sub)32Man-o'-Wardrobe9,90014,850Version 1.0.0
Ink-Black Tangle TopAnnakiSpecial Charge Up21Chill Season 2022 catalog, Level 305,500N/AVersion 2.0.0
Ink-Wash ShirtToni KensaInk Recovery Up21Chill Season 2022 catalog, Level 544,9009,800Version 2.0.0
Inkfall ShirtToni KensaSpecial Charge Up21Man-o'-Wardrobe4,9009,800Version 1.0.0
Ivory Peaks TeeInklineHaunt10Man-o'-Wardrobe4001,000Version 1.0.0
Kensa CoatToni KensaRespawn Punisher32Man-o'-Wardrobe9,20013,800Version 1.0.0
Khaki Ranger VestInklineSub Power Up21Man-o'-Wardrobe4,20012,000Version 1.0.0
Layered Vector LSTakorokaSpecial Saver10Man-o'-Wardrobe1,2003,000Version 1.0.0
Light-Bright Paddle JackToni KensaInk Saver (Sub)32Chill Season 2022 catalog, Level 789,900N/AVersion 2.0.0
Lime Battlecrab ShellEnperrySwim Speed Up32Drizzle Season 2022 catalog, Level 806,4009,600Version 1.0.0
Lime BlobMob TeeEmberzSub Power Up10Drizzle Season 2022 catalog, Level 401,0502,625Version 1.0.0
Lime Ski JacketInklineQuick Super Jump21Chill Season 2022 catalog, Level 183,370N/AVersion 2.0.0
Logo Aloha ShirtZekkoInk Recovery Up21Man-o'-Wardrobe2,9005,800Version 1.0.0
Lumberjack ShirtRockenbergInk Saver (Main)10Man-o'-Wardrobe8002,000Version 1.0.0
Manatee Swag SweatKrak-OnRespawn Punisher21Man-o'-Wardrobe4,0008,000Version 1.0.0
Marinated TopamiiboSpecial Power Up21Marina amiiboN/AN/AVersion 1.0.0
Matcha Down JacketInklineNinja Squid32Man-o'-Wardrobe9,10013,650Version 1.0.0
Moby KnitKrak-OnInk Recovery Up32Chill Season 2022 catalog, Level 69,600N/AVersion 2.0.0
N-Pacer SweatEnperryThermal Ink32Man-o'-Wardrobe7,80011,700Version 2.0.0
Negative Longcuff SweaterToni KensaHaunt32Man-o'-Wardrobe11,80017,700Version 2.0.0
Octo Jumper AwayTakorokaSwim Speed Up21Man-o'-Wardrobe3,0006,000Version 1.0.0
Octo TeeCuttlegearHaunt32Man-o'-Wardrobe8,88813,332Version 2.0.0
Octobowler ShirtKrak-OnInk Saver (Main)21Man-o'-Wardrobe2,1004,200Version 1.0.0
Octosquid Tandem TeeSquidForceIntensify Action10Man-o'-Wardrobe300750Version 1.0.0
Olive Ski JacketInklineRun Speed Up32Man-o'-Wardrobe11,00016,500Version 1.0.0
Orca BoleroToni KensaInk Recovery Up32Man-o'-Wardrobe9,98014,970Version 1.0.0
Patchwork BomberEmberzInk Saver (Main)32Man-o'-Wardrobe12,50018,750Version 1.0.0
Pearlescent HoodieamiiboRespawn Punisher21Pearl amiiboN/AN/AVersion 1.0.0
Penguin BoleroToni KensaInk Saver (Sub)32Chill Season 2022 catalog, Level 429,900N/AVersion 2.0.0
Pineapple RingerZinkInk Recovery Up10Man-o'-Wardrobe1,0002,500Version 1.0.0
Pirate-Stripe TeeSplash MobSpecial Power Up10Man-o'-Wardrobe7001,750Version 1.0.0
Power ArmoramiiboQuick Respawn21Splatoon Inkling Squid (Orange or Green) amiiboN/AN/AVersion 1.0.0
Power Armor Mk IamiiboInk Resistance Up21Splatoon 2 Inkling Squid (Purple) amiiboN/AN/AVersion 1.0.0
Red Battlecrab ShellEnperrySub Resistance Up32Man-o'-Wardrobe6,2009,300Version 1.0.0
Red Vector TeeTakorokaInk Saver (Main)10Man-o'-Wardrobe5001,250Version 1.0.0
Rockenberg BlackRockenbergRespawn Punisher10Man-o'-Wardrobe8002,000Version 1.0.0
Rockenberg WhiteRockenbergInk Recovery Up21Man-o'-Wardrobe2,5005,000Version 1.0.0
Rodeo ShirtKrak-OnQuick Super Jump10Man-o'-Wardrobe7501,875Version 2.0.0
Rugby King 08EnperryQuick Super Jump21Man-o'-Wardrobe3,2006,400Version 1.0.0
Rugby King 10EnperryInk Saver (Sub)21Man-o'-Wardrobe3,2006,400Version 1.0.0
Sailor-Stripe TeeSplash MobRun Speed Up10Man-o'-Wardrobe7001,750Version 1.0.0
Samurai JacketamiiboSpecial Charge Up21Splatoon Inkling Boy (Blue or Purple) amiiboN/AN/AVersion 1.0.0
School Cardigan AamiiboRun Speed Up21Splatoon 2 Inkling Girl (Pink) amiiboN/AN/AVersion 1.0.0
School Cardigan BamiiboRun Speed Up21Splatoon 2 Inkling Girl (Pink) amiiboN/AN/AVersion 1.0.0
School Uniform AamiiboInk Recovery Up21Splatoon Inkling Girl (Orange or Green) amiiboN/AN/AVersion 1.0.0
School Uniform BamiiboInk Recovery Up21Splatoon Inkling Girl (Orange or Green) amiiboN/AN/AVersion 1.0.0
Schoolyard Scrap JackamiiboSub Resistance Up21Splatoon 3 Inkling (Yellow) amiiboN/AN/AVersion 1.2.0
Seahorse ShorelinerKrak-OnSpecial Saver21Man-o'-Wardrobe3,8007,600Version 1.0.0
Sky-Blue SquideyeTentatekIntensify Action10Man-o'-Wardrobe5001,250Version 2.0.0
Splatfest TeeSquidForceAbility Doubler32Splatfest only (free, returned after event)N/AN/AVersion 1.0.0
Squid Satin JacketZekkoQuick Respawn32Man-o'-Wardrobe9,20013,800Version 1.0.0
Squid-Pattern WaistcoatKrak-OnSpecial Power Up10Man-o'-Wardrobe8002,000Version 2.0.0
Squidmark SweatSquidForceSub Power Up10Man-o'-Wardrobe8002,000Version 1.0.0
Squinja SuitamiiboSpecial Saver21Splatoon 2 Inkling Boy (Green) amiiboN/AN/AVersion 1.0.0
Steel PlatemailamiiboInk Saver (Sub)21Octoling Boy amiiboN/AN/AVersion 1.0.0
Sudadera CelesteKrak-OnNinja Squid21Drizzle Season 2022 catalog, Level 603,6507,300Version 1.0.0
Sudadera RojaKrak-OnQuick Respawn21Man-o'-Wardrobe3,4506,900Version 1.0.0
Takoroka Galactic Tie DyeTakorokaThermal Ink10Man-o'-Wardrobe8502,125Version 2.0.0
Takoroka Nylon VintageTakorokaThermal Ink32Man-o'-Wardrobe9,50014,250Version 1.0.0
Takoroka Rainbow Tie DyeTakorokaQuick Super Jump10Man-o'-Wardrobe8502,125Version 2.0.0
Tan Retro TeeTentatekNinja Squid32Man-o'-Wardrobe8,80013,200Version 1.0.0
Tentatek TandemTentatekInk Saver (Main)10Drizzle Season 2022 catalog, Level 209602,400Version 1.0.0
Tri-Octo TeeSquidForceInk Saver (Sub)10Man-o'-Wardrobe300750Version 1.0.0
Tri-Shred TeeSquidForceQuick Respawn10Start out with, Man-o'-Wardrobe5301,325Version 1.0.0
Tri-Squid TeeSquidForceQuick Respawn10Man-o'-Wardrobe300750Version 1.0.0
Umibozu Home JerseyTakorokaHaunt10Man-o'-Wardrobe8702,175Version 1.0.0
Urban Upcycle TopEmberzRespawn Punisher32Man-o'-Wardrobe8,80013,200Version 1.0.0
Urchins JerseyZinkRun Speed Up10Man-o'-Wardrobe7001,750Version 2.0.0
Vaporwave TeeSkalopThermal Ink10Man-o'-Wardrobe8802,200Version 1.0.0
Varsity JacketZekkoInk Saver (Sub)32Man-o'-Wardrobe11,50017,250Version 2.0.0
White 8-Bit FishFryFirefinSub Power Up10Man-o'-Wardrobe8002,000Version 1.0.0
White King TankEnperryHaunt10Upcoming Season catalog6001,500Version 1.0.0
White Layered LSSquidForceSpecial Saver10Man-o'-Wardrobe5001,250Version 1.0.0
White ShirtSplash MobInk Recovery Up32Man-o'-Wardrobe7,50011,250Version 1.0.0
White TeeSquidForceInk Saver (Sub)10Drizzle Season 2022 catalog, Level 64001,000Version 1.0.0
White V-Neck TeeSquidForceSpecial Saver21Man-o'-Wardrobe3,8007,600Version 1.0.0
Yellow Layered LSSquidForceQuick Super Jump10Man-o'-Wardrobe5001,250Version 1.0.0
Zapfish Satin JacketZekkoSpecial Power Up21Man-o'-Wardrobe2,9005,800Version 1.0.0
Zekko Baseball LSZekkoSub Resistance Up10Man-o'-Wardrobe8002,000Version 1.0.0
Zink Layered LSZinkRespawn Punisher10Drizzle Season 2022 catalog, Level 306001,500Version 1.0.0


Note: The following items must be unlocked via the catalog before ordering from other players and/or purchasing from Man-o’-Wardrobe:

  • Drizzle Season 2022: Annaki Bracelet Tee, Distressed Vest, Lime Battlecrab Shell, Lime BlobMob Tee, Sudadera Celeste, and Tentatek Tandem.
  • Chill Season 2022: Barazushi Tuff Duffel, Base White Button Up, Ink-Black Tangle Top, Light-Bright Paddle Jack, Lime Ski Jacket, Moby Knit, and Penguin Bolero.



NameBrandAbilitySub Ability Slots (Open)StarsAvailable viaCostSplatNet 3 PriceReleased
Annaki HabanerosAnnakiSub Power Up32Crush Station8,88013,320Version 1.0.0
Annaki TigersAnnakiSpecial Power Up32Chill Season 2022 catalog, Level 679,99014,985Version 2.0.0
Arctic Duck BootsBarazushiQuick Respawn32Crush Station9,20013,800Version 1.0.0
Armor Boot ReplicasCuttlegearInk Saver (Main)21Marie amiiboN/AN/AVersion 1.0.0
Arrow Pull-OnsToni KensaDrop Roller32Crush Station10,00015,000Version 1.0.0
Arrow Toesies BluTakorokaInk Recovery Up10Crush Station9802,450Version 1.0.0
Baggy-Sock Fringe LoafsamiiboSub Resistance Up21Splatoon 2 Inkling Girl (Pink) amiiboN/AN/AVersion 1.0.0
Base Fringed LoafsamiiboSub Resistance Up21Splatoon 2 Inkling Girl (Pink) amiiboN/AN/AVersion 1.0.0
Base School ShoesamiiboInk Saver (Sub)21Splatoon Inkling Girl (Orange or Green) amiiboN/AN/AVersion 1.0.0
Black Flip-FlopsZekkoObject Shredder10Crush Station300750Version 1.0.0
Black TrainersTentatekQuick Respawn10Upcoming Season catalog5001,250Version 1.0.0
BlobMob Flip-FlopsEmberzInk Resistance Up10Crush Station4001,000Version 1.0.0
Blu-Shift Moto BootsRockenbergSwim Speed Up32Chill Season 2022 catalog, Level 5512,000N/AVersion 2.0.0
Blue & Black Squidkid IVEnperryQuick Super Jump32Crush Station11,00016,500Version 1.0.0
Blue Lo-TopsZekkoSub Resistance Up10Crush Station8002,000Version 1.0.0
Blue ShrimpsidersEnperryInk Resistance Up21Drizzle Season 2022 catalog, Level 814,1208,240Version 1.0.0
Blue Slip-OnsKrak-OnSub Power Up10Crush Station4001,000Version 2.0.0
Chaos KicksamiiboIntensify Action21Splatoon 3 Smallfry amiiboN/AN/AVersion 1.2.0
Choco ClogsKrak-OnQuick Respawn21Crush Station1,8003,600Version 1.0.0
Chocolate DakroniksZinkInk Resistance Up21Crush Station1,7003,400Version 2.0.0
Custom Trail BootsInklineSpecial Power Up21Crush Station3,0006,000Version 1.0.0
Cuttlefish SandiesRockenbergInk Recovery Up10Drizzle Season 2022 catalog, Level 618502,125Version 1.0.0
Cyan Dadfoot SandalsZinkSpecial Saver10Crush Station6501,625Version 1.0.0
Cyan DakroniksZinkDrop Roller10Upcoming Season catalog1,2003,000Version 1.0.0
Cyan TrainersTentatekStealth Jump10Crush Station7001,750Version 1.0.0
Dark-Roast BoatiesRockenbergInk Resistance Up21Crush Station2,2004,400Version 1.0.0
Desert ChukkasBarazushiStealth Jump32Crush Station10,20015,300Version 1.0.0
E-JECT 30XXEmberzSpecial Power Up21Crush Station2,6005,200Version 1.0.0
Enchanted BootsamiiboRun Speed Up21Octoling Girl amiiboN/AN/AVersion 1.0.0
Force ReBootsTakorokaSpecial Saver10Start out with, Crush Station8992,247Version 1.0.0
Fresh Fish FeetamiiboQuick Respawn21Octoling Octo amiiboN/AN/AVersion 1.0.0
Fry TopsSquidForceIntensify Action21Wandercrust, Journey 25,880N/AVersion 2.0.0
Fuzzy BootsBarazushiInk Saver (Main)21Chill Season 2022 catalog, Level 793,600N/AVersion 2.0.0
Gold Hi-HorsesZinkRun Speed Up32Chill Season 2022 catalog, Level 197,00010,500Version 1.0.0
Green Rain BootsInklineStealth Jump21Crush Station1,6003,200Version 2.0.0
Hero Boot ReplicasCuttlegearInk Resistance Up32Complete Story Mode (defeat Final Boss).N/AN/AVersion 1.0.0
Hero Runner ReplicasCuttlegearQuick Super Jump21Callie amiiboN/AN/AVersion 1.0.0
Hunter Hi-TopsKrak-OnInk Recovery Up10Crush Station5001,250Version 1.0.0
Hunting BootsSplash MobSub Resistance Up32Crush Station11,50017,250Version 1.0.0
Ink-Black Clam DunksToni KensaQuick Super Jump32Drizzle Season 2022 catalog, Level 9111,50017,250Version 1.0.0
Kick DampenersamiiboQuick Super Jump21Splatoon 3 Octoling (Blue) amiiboN/AN/AVersion 1.2.0
Kid ClamsRockenbergSpecial Power Up32Crush Station9,50014,250Version 2.0.0
Knotty BoisamiiboDrop Roller21Splatoon 3 Inkling (Yellow) amiiboN/AN/AVersion 1.2.0
Luminous Delta StrapsInklineIntensify Action21Crush Station5,00010,000Version 2.0.0
Mako Bucket Hi-TopsEmberzSub Power Up21Crush Station2,8005,600Version 1.0.0
Marinated Slip-OnsamiiboInk Recovery Up21Marina amiiboN/AN/AVersion 1.0.0
Moto BootsRockenbergQuick Respawn21Crush Station3,8007,600Version 1.0.0
Navy Red-Soled WingtipsRockenbergInk Saver (Main)21Crush Station4,6009,200Version 2.0.0
Neon Delta StrapsInklineSub Power Up21Crush Station4,8009,600Version 1.0.0
Neon Sea SlugsTentatekInk Resistance Up10Crush Station7001,750Version 2.0.0
Onyx 01STERsToni KensaSpecial Charge Up32Chill Season 2022 catalog, Level 918,880N/AVersion 2.0.0
Orange ArrowsTakorokaInk Saver (Main)10Crush Station1,1002,750Version 1.0.0
Orange Dadfoot SandalsZinkRun Speed Up10Crush Station6501,625Version 1.0.0
Oyster ClogsKrak-OnRun Speed Up10Crush Station6001,500Version 1.0.0
Pearl 01STERsToni KensaSpecial Saver32Crush Station8,80013,200Version 1.0.0
Pearlescent KicksamiiboSpecial Charge Up21Pearl amiiboN/AN/AVersion 1.0.0
Pink Dadfoot SandalsZinkIntensify Action10Crush Station6501,625Version 1.0.0
Pink TrainersTentatekSub Power Up10Drizzle Season 2022 catalog, Level 75001,250Version 1.0.0
Power BootsamiiboInk Saver (Main)21Splatoon Inkling Squid (Orange or Green) amiiboN/AN/AVersion 1.0.0
Power Boots Mk IamiiboSub Resistance Up21Splatoon 2 Inkling Squid (Purple) amiiboN/AN/AVersion 1.0.0
Punk CherriesRockenbergSub Resistance Up32Crush Station9,00013,500Version 1.0.0
Punk NightsRockenbergIntensify Action32Crush Station8,80013,200Version 2.0.0
Punk PinksRockenbergInk Recovery Up21Drizzle Season 2022 catalog, Level 213,6007,200Version 1.0.0
Punk WhitesRockenbergSpecial Charge Up21Crush Station3,8007,600Version 1.0.0
Purple Hi-HorsesZinkSpecial Power Up10Drizzle Season 2022 catalog, Level 311,0002,500Version 1.0.0
Red & Black Squidkid IVEnperrySpecial Charge Up32Crush Station11,00016,500Version 1.0.0
Red & White Squidkid VEnperryRun Speed Up32Crush Station12,80019,200Version 2.0.0
Red 3-StrapsSplash MobInk Resistance Up10Crush Station1,4003,500Version 1.0.0
Red FishFry SandalsFirefinObject Shredder21Crush Station2,8805,760Version 1.0.0
Red HammertreadsAnnakiInk Saver (Main)32Drizzle Season 2022 catalog, Level 7110,99916,498Version 1.0.0
Red Hi-HorsesZinkInk Saver (Main)10Crush Station8002,000Version 1.0.0
Red Hi-TopsKrak-OnInk Resistance Up21Crush Station1,8003,600Version 1.0.0
Red Work BootsRockenbergQuick Super Jump32Crush Station11,00016,500Version 2.0.0
Samurai ShoesamiiboSpecial Power Up21Splatoon Inkling Boy (Blue or Purple) amiiboN/AN/AVersion 1.0.0
School Shoes + Hi SocksamiiboInk Saver (Sub)21Splatoon Inkling Girl (Orange or Green) amiiboN/AN/AVersion 1.0.0
Shark MoccasinsSplash MobSub Power Up10Crush Station800Version 2.0.0
Skipjack Work BootsRockenbergInk Saver (Sub)21Drizzle Season 2022 catalog, Level 414,8009,600Version 1.0.0
Slamgerine Slip-OnsTakorokaInk Saver (Main)32Crush Station7,98011,970Version 1.0.0
Snow Delta StrapsInklineSwim Speed Up32Crush Station8,80013,200Version 1.0.0
Snowy Down BootsTentatekQuick Super Jump32Crush Station8,00012,000Version 2.0.0
Soccer ShoesTakorokaSub Resistance Up32Crush Station9,60014,400Version 2.0.0
Squid-Stitch Slip-OnsKrak-OnSub Resistance Up21Crush Station1,5003,000Version 1.0.0
Squinja BootsamiiboSwim Speed Up21Splatoon 2 Inkling Boy (Green) amiiboN/AN/AVersion 1.0.0
Squink WingtipsRockenbergQuick Respawn10Chill Season 2022 catalog, Level 78002,000Version 2.0.0
Steel GreavesamiiboObject Shredder21Octoling Boy amiiboN/AN/AVersion 1.0.0
Suede BasicsBarazushiRun Speed Up32Crush Station8,20012,300Version 1.0.0
Suede BossesBarazushiObject Shredder32Crush Station8,20012,300Version 1.0.0
Sunny Climbing ShoesInklineSpecial Saver21Crush Station3,2006,400Version 2.0.0
Sunset Orca Hi-TopsTakorokaDrop Roller21Crush Station3,8007,600Version 1.0.0
Tan Work BootsRockenbergSub Power Up21Crush Station3,0006,000Version 1.0.0
Tenya OctoRedsTentatekQuick Respawn21Crush Station2,9005,800Version 1.0.0
Trail BootsInklineInk Recovery Up32Crush Station7,50011,250Version 1.0.0
Turbo Tabi RedTentatekSub Power Up21Crush Station2,2004,400Version 1.0.0
U JellysTakorokaSpecial Charge Up21Crush Station2,2004,400Version 1.0.0
Wasabi TabiTentatekIntensify Action32Crush Station10,50015,750Version 1.0.0
White 3-StrapsSplash MobInk Saver (Sub)32Crush Station8,70013,050Version 1.0.0
White Clam 600sToni KensaQuick Respawn32Chill Season 2022 catalog, Level 3111,260N/AVersion 2.0.0
White KicksRockenbergSwim Speed Up10Crush Station1,4003,500Version 2.0.0
Yellow FishFry SandalsFirefinIntensify Action21Crush Station2,8805,760Version 1.0.0
Yellow-Mesh SneakersTentatekIntensify Action10Upcoming Season catalog1,3003,250Version 1.0.0
Zebrafish Hi-TopsToni KensaSwim Speed Up21Chill Season 2022 catalog, Level 434,200N/AVersion 2.0.0
Zombie Hi-HorsesZinkSpecial Charge Up10Crush Station8002,000Version 1.0.0


Note: The following items must be unlocked via the catalog before ordering from other players and/or purchasing from Crush Station:

  • Drizzle Season 2022: Blue Shrimpsiders, Cuttlefish Sandies, Ink-Black Clam 600s, Punk Pinks, Red Hammertreads, and Skipjack Work Boots.
  • Chill Season 2022: Onyx 01STERs, White Clam 600s, and Zebrafish Hi-Tops.


But wait, there’ll be more! Look forward to more gear added to Splatoon 3 via seasonal updates, DLC, and more!


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