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Splatoon 3 is almost upon us, and if you’re anything like me, you have Splatoon amiibo gathering dust in a bin somewhere! Why not put those hunks of plastic to good use and unlock some awesome content? Below are all of the unlocks you can get from all of the available amiibo as of September 2022.

Remember, to unlock amiibo outfits in Splatoon 3, make sure to register your figures at the amiibo box in the town square.


MarieArmor Boots Replica, Armor Helmet Replica, Armor Jacket Replica
CallieHero Runner Replica, Hero Jacket Replica, Hero Headset Replica
MarinaMarinated Slip-Ons, Marinated Top, Marinated Headphones
PearlPearlescent Hoodie, Pearlescent Kicks, Pearlescent Crown S, Pearlescent Crown L
Inkling Boy - AltSamurai Shoes
Inkling Girl - AltSchool Shoes + Hi Socks, Base School Shoes
Orange SquidPower Boots
Inkling Girl - Splatoon 2Baggy Sock Fringe Loafs, Base Fringed Loafers
Inkling Boy - Splatoon 2Squinja Boots
Purple SquidPower Boots Mk1, Power Armor Mk 1, Power Mask Mk1
Inkling Girl (Smash Bros + Original) School Shoes + Hi Socks, Base School Shoes
Inkling Boy - OriginalSamurai Shoes
Green SquidPower Mask, Power Armor, Power Boots
OctolingFresh Fish Feet, Fresh Fish Gloves, Fresh Fish Head
Octoling BoySteel Greaves, Steel Platemail, Steel Helm
Octoling GirlEnchanted Boots, Enchanted Robe A, Enchanted Robe B, Enchanted Hat


Stay tuned to Nintendo Wire for even more amiibo unlocks as we get closer to the launch of the upcoming Splatoon 3 amiibo 3-pack!


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Written by Jason Ganos

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