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It’s time for the final stretch. If you’ve been following along so far, you’ll have found a total of 91 out of 100 Star Pieces by now. The last nine in the entire game are all found within this chapter, so by the time you finish this guide you’ll be able to say you’ve collected every Star Piece in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door!

Chapter 7 Star Piece locations

As soon as you first arrive in Fahr Outpost, check for a floor panel between the entrance pipe and the Save Block. Spin Jump next to it to make the Star Piece come out.


In the second screen of the area, keep an eye out for a Star Piece hidden behind a bush. Since the bushes here aren’t completely solid you should be able to see it between the branches.


Eventually you’ll find yourself in an area bordered with broken-down walls. Towards the east exit of this area on the south edge of the map is a section of wall slightly taller than the rest; there’s a Star Piece to be found here.


This one is similar to the previous one, this time in the Bob-omb Village. Check the southern border of the first screen here to find the piece behind a raised section of broken wall. 


Head to the eastern half of the town and Spin Jump to the left of the large cannon statue to flip a floor panel and retrieve a Star Piece.


Still in the eastern half of town, enter the house to the right of the item shop. There is a stack of boxes on the near wall of the room with a Star Piece hidden behind it.


This next one is slightly tricky since it is on the Moon and each area here is fairly non-distinct. Head in either direction until you arrive on the screen with the X-Naut Fortress in the background. The northernmost cracked rock here contains a pipe to the background, and southeast of that pipe is a rock concealing a Star Piece.


Once inside the X-Naut Fortress, take the elevator down to sublevel 2. Enter the second room on the right, and use Spring Jump to go up through the broken vent in the top-right corner. Once in the ceiling, go all the way to the left and you’ll come across a Star Piece in the lower-left corner.


Here it is, the final Star Piece in the game. Start from the ceiling area the last piece was found in, and enter the vent directly left of the open one you came from by using ZR. Use Koops to retrieve the red gear from across the gap and then backtrack to the leftmost room of sublevel 1. Insert the gear into the machine and then press the left, right, and center buttons in that order to turn on the power. Now it’s just a matter of playing the finicky crane minigame to get the Star Piece.


With that, you now should have a complete collection of every Star Piece in the game! If you miss any of the Star Pieces during your first visit to the X-Naut Fortress, you won’t get a chance to reclaim them until you beat the game. When you next find yourself in Rogueport, be sure to visit the NPC in the sewers to trade in for the rest of the Badges to reward your hard work. Congratulations, and we hope you found these guides to be helpful in your journey!


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