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The next story arc of Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door takes Mario on a journey on the Excess Express. Unlike most other chapters, Chapter 6 primarily takes place in just this one location. Despite that, there are still plenty of Star Pieces to be found, both on the Excess Express itself and at the stops it makes, so without further ado, let’s get looking!

Chapter 6 Star Piece locations

Once you exit your cabin, you’ll see the number 005 above the door. Head to the right to find cabin 004 and Spin Jump in the center of the room to reveal a Star Piece under a floor panel.


Continue making your way east until you reach the engine room. Your goal once there is a floor panel just below the engine itself, Spin Jump near it for the Star Piece.


Next you’ll want to explore all the way to the west until cabin 008. The drawer here behind the gold Bob-omb contains a Star Piece.


Continue the story here until you retrieve a pot that was stolen from the kitchen. Return it to the chef for a Star Piece as your reward.


Keep advancing the story here until you end up retrieving three stolen items. These all have rewards when reunited with their owners, but in particular the Shell Earrings will earn you a Star Piece when handed back to the purple Toad in car three.


At this point you’ll be making a pit stop at Riverside Station, and there’s only one Star Piece here. Explore the station until you find yourself in a room with large spinning gears you need to platform across. There is a key on a pillar of gears towards the right side here, but before getting the key you should check behind said pillar to find the lone Star Piece of this section. 


The next few Star Pieces for the chapter come from Poshley Heights. As soon as you arrive you’ll notice a circular section of the path in front of the train station. Spin Jump near the floor panel here for a Star Piece.


Still in the first screen, head to the left to find a folding chair next to a house. There’s a Star Piece hiding behind this folding chair.


Next, go to the right and look for a small opening in the hedges. You can walk into this opening and head upwards into the hedge to find a sneaky Star Piece.


Upon entering the second screen of Poshley Heights you’ll see a house immediately to the right. Go behind the hedge surrounding this house for a Star Piece. 


From here you can finish up the events in Poshley Heights. The last Star Piece for Chapter 6 is found in Rogueport Sewers using Spring Jump. Revisit the room where you fought the Blooper and Spring Jump onto an overhanging pole. Go to the right and enter the pipe to go into the background and enter a house. The Star Piece is on a hammock in here which you merely need to platform up to using the boxes. 


That’s it for Chapter 6’s Star Pieces! There are only nine left in the entire game, and they’re all in the next chapter. The end is in sight, and if you’re eager to complete your collection as fast as possible then head on over to our Chapter 7 guide next. 

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