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The extent to which people continue to tinker with and exploit The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is truly impressive. From pulling magnificent Stasis stunts to clobbering every enemy in Hyrule with Magnesis, the possibilities are endless — and now a new method to duplicate item slots and items has been discovered, breaking open the game in a whole new way.



Discovered by ZXRobin and reported on by Gaming Reinvented, the glitch involves a mildly complicated process. In short:


  1. Using several multi-shot bows, overload the number of Shock Arrows you can notch at one time by readying a shot, going to the menu, and dropping your current bow (which will equip the next multi-shot bow). You should be able to notch hundreds of Shock Arrows at once. Do this until Link’s body disappears from the menu, leaving only his head.
  2. Without leaving the menu, have Link hold up to four different items at once, making sure there is at least one more item of each type left in the stack (e.g. if he holds an apple, make sure there’s at least one more apple in the stack he took it from).
  3. Exit the menu, pick up the dropped bows, and sell the remaining items in these stack slots to Beedle or another shop. Then hold, drop, and pick up one more item.
  4. This will give you between one and four glitched item slots depending on how many items Link held in step 2. You can repeat the first three steps as necessary to get more glitched slots. 
  5. These slots contain copies of the last few items in your inventory (so starting with key items and going backward) and remain until you close the game entirely. So to transfer to a new game plus, go to the title screen and start a new game. 
  6. After collecting the Sheikah Slate, you’ll have the items.To actually use them, though, you’ll need to save, close the whole game, restart, and load the file — where they can now be used as intended.


Be sure to check out the full video for more details, including how to get the Bow of Light outside of the final battle and in a New Game. Happy glitching!


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Written by Amelia Fruzzetti

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