1-2-Switch | 18 Party Games Revealed

Author: Lauren Musni
Categories: Switch, Videos

A whole slew of new Switch videos are here for your enjoyment! Of the 28 games offered in 1-2-Switch, 18 of them are covered in this latest series of visuals from Nintendo, with each one dedicated to a specific title. From wizard duals to eating contests, you can get a…

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E3 2017 to be open to general public

Categories: News

For the first time in the Electronic Entertainment Expo’s nearly 22-year history, the trade show will open its doors to the general public. E3 2017 will offer 15,000 “consumer passes” priced at $250 USD each, with $150 USD “early bird” passes available on the first day of their availability. Each…

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Pokémon GO begins a new Valentine’s Day event

Author: Tom Brown
Categories: Mobile, News

Planning on taking your Pokémon for a stroll next week? You may find your journey a lot more romantic than you bargained for, as the game will be celebrating Valentine’s Day throughout the next week with a new event. In-keeping with the sugar-fest that is the holiday, you’ll earn double…

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Link’s Awakening: Requiem for a Dream

Categories: Retro

Link’s Awakening is without a doubt the most surreal, whimsical and influential entry in the entire Zelda franchise. It’s also one of the more grossly underappreciated ones, ironically overshadowed and sandwiched smack dab in the middle of what many consider to be the green-garbed hero’s most legendary 2D and 3D…

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Loads of new Breath of the Wild details revealed

Author: Jason Ganos
Categories: News, Switch, Wii U

Game Informer just released a treasure trove of Breath of the Wild details in its just-released March issue. With less than a month before the latest Zelda adventure is released on the Switch and the Wii U, we now have the most in-depth information about the the title than we’ve ever…

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Badge Arcade News: 2/7/17

Categories: 3DS

Mario Kart catchers continue to speed through the Badge Arcade today, as well as a horde of Kalos region pixel Pokémon badges. For the next couple of days apprentice Wiccans can design their own versions of Ashley’s house on their 3DS home screens with brand new WarioWare connector badges! You…

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