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Sega hasn’t revealed much about its slate of long-awaited reboots since their reveal at The Game Awards 2023. We’ve gotten some little details here and there, but the most we’ve learned was that Sega was aiming to make more triple-A games in the future. One such was Crazy Taxi and while the plan doesn’t seem to have changed, we now have a little more information to go on.



In a new video interview posted by Sega of Japan, series producer Kenji Kanno stated that the upcoming Crazy Taxi would be “completely new” and would feature multiplayer with many individuals at once. Furthermore, a recruitment page for the title has revealed key positions related to core mechanics of the game, including experience with large-scale levels and multiplayer connectivity. Sega wants to create a massively multiplayer, open-world game for Crazy Taxi.

I don’t quite see how Crazy Taxi fits into that mold, but some of this isn’t new. Back in February of 2024, Sega had made its intentions clear with regards to bringing Crazy Taxi up to modern triple-A standards. In some way, competing against other players to complete the fastest fares would be an interesting addition to the series. On the other, I’m not sure the game needs to be open-world to achieve that goal.

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Written by Peter Glagowski

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