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The anticipated trailer and release date for Sonic X Shadow Generations have arrived at Summer Game Fest! This remake/expansion of Sonic Generations is leaning heavily into Sega’s Year of Shadow, with the latest look showing more returning stages and more of the returning Black Arms.

Both Sonic Heroes’ Rail Canyon and Sonic 06’s Kingdom Valley have made the cut, and a new mix of Radical Highway’s theme points to that iconic spot making the cut as well. We also see Shadow being possessed in some way by alien goop. How that may impact gameplay relative to his other Chaos powers is still up in the air, but just like with the original Generations, the more we see of hedgehog history the more appealing this one becomes.

Pre-Orders are now live, offering up both a Dreamcast Era Sonic Adventure skin for the blue blur and Gerald Robotnik’s Journal. This opens the door to more skins and customization, but that journal is curious as well. Theoretically it’ll dive deeper into the creation of Shadow, which tied heavily into both Sonic Adventure 2 and Shadow the Hedgehog but whether it has any other impact on the game other than sweet, sweet lore is currently unknown.

Sonic X Shadow Generations will launch on Switch and more on October 25.

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Written by Ricky Berg

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