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Nintendo has finally remade the GameCube classic Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, bringing another delightful Mario RPG to the Switch. As alluded, one of the best bits of the first two games are their supporting cast of partners. The bulk of these will join up with you as the adventure unfolds, but one is a bit more elusive than that…


Potential Spoilers below:

At a few points in TTYD’s plot you’ll run into Ms. Mowz, a flirtatious thief with an eye for badges. She may not get a focal point in the story but by staying on top of side quests from Rogueport’s Trouble Center you can eventually add her to your entourage. 


When can I unlock Ms. Mowz in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door?

To unlock the necessary Trouble Center request, simply play through the game up to Chapter 5. Her request isn’t locked to a specific chapter or timeframe, so if you’re enjoying the story then keep on playing. Chapter 5 is simply the earliest you can access her.


How do I unlock Ms. Mowz in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door?


The request you’re looking for is called “Elusive Badge!” You’ll be asked to meet the client near the conspicuously named Lovely Howz of Badges in Rogueport’s central square. Wouldn’t you know it, the requestor was Ms. Mowz herself and she’s got a heist job for you. 

You’ll be instructed to head back to Hooktail Castle, more specifically the room where you fought the dragon herself. Mowz will also give you a (fairly obvious) hint: “Use the Power of the Wind…”

When you’ve backtracked your way to Hooktail’s room, swap to Flurrie and give her power a whirl until you discover the telltale flappy paper. Behind it will be a chest containing the Attack FX B badge. By bringing it back to Ms. Mowz she’ll be so impressed by your feat that she’ll join you on the spot! 

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