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The 2000s were a period of great change for Nintendo. The moderately successful Nintendo 64 made way for the floundering, but beloved, GameCube, while the Game Boy line of handhelds was retired in favor of the smash hit Nintendo DS family. Internally, the company also saw a change in presidency from Hiroshi Yamauchi to the HAL Laboratory veteran Satoru Iwata.

Two years after Iwata took on that role the gaming website Kikizo was given the opportunity to interview him. At the time they shared some parts of the interview, but now, as part of a growing archival project, the full interview has been uploaded complete with English subtitles.

While much of the information shared in the interview is well known at this point, there’s something special about the late president himself discussing it. Notable tidbits include comments regarding the DS vs. the PSP, Yamauchi’s contribution of the dual screen concept, and the Game Boy Advance’s future.

Many more Kikizo clips from the 2000’s have been shared on founder Adam Doree’s YouTube account so be sure to check it out for a trip down memory lane!

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Written by Tom Brown

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