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Just yesterday The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom celebrated its one-year anniversary. It feels like it hasn’t been that long, the game is so vast that even a year later there’s so much left to do and explore. This was also the case with its predecessor, Breath of the Wild; the vastness and freedom of these games is arguably their biggest selling point, and part of why many consider these some of the best games on the Switch. Interestingly enough, there may be more content on the way for this version of Hyrule, as a recent credible leak suggests something related to Breath of the Wild is in the works for the Switch 2.

The information comes from a Tweet by the credible leaker Midori, stating that a project with the internal codename “U-King-O” is being worked on for the next system. The internal codename for Breath of the Wild was “U-King,” and the “-O” at the end likely denotes the system it is being made for. This is a fairly common trend for ports, with Switch ports often ending in “-S” and 3DS ports ending in “-C” for example. 


The question then is, why port Breath of the Wild if the Switch 2 is supposedly backwards compatible anyway? We can’t say for sure now, but a more likely explanation may be simply an enhancement upgrade for the game, upgrading it for the new hardware. Interestingly enough, a demo of an upgraded version of Breath of the Wild was shown at last year’s Gamescom as a demonstration for the new system, which is almost certainly related to this leak if it ends up being true.



Of course, at the end of the day this is entirely speculation. As is often the case with leaks and rumors, there’s very little substance here and so all we can do is wait and see if anything comes of this, and if so what it ends up being. That all being said, Midori is generally pretty reliable, so while it may be a bit too soon for new Breath of the Wild content, it doesn’t hurt to be hopeful. In the meantime, all we can do is wait with baited breath to hear more.

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Written by Abbie Maxwell

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