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There’s no denying Fall Guys was a viral smash hit when it was released in 2020. The colorful, slapstick run n’ jump battle royale filled in the mostly gray period of pandemic lockdown releases. Naturally, developers have wanted to replicate some of Mediatonic’s thunder and have begun to incorporate the Mario Party-esque wackiness into their own games’ formulas. SEGA especially is throwing their blue-spiked hat into the ring, both with the upcoming Switch-exclusive Super Monkey Ball: Banana Rumble’s multiplayer proceedings and now the long-rumored Sonic Rumble.



Admittedly, the announcement trailer for Sonic Rumble that dropped today looks pretty promising. It’s certainly the fastest take on the Fall Guys formula we’ve yet seen, with the franchise’s zip pads and loops here in full swing. What’s most interesting is the gameplay showcased includes both 3D multi-lane running sections and 2D side-scrolling segments. It full-on looks like a Sonic Adventure-style Sonic game but with 31 other players.

The first shot of the trailer shows Sonic and his assorted pals in an almost Amiibo-like form before transforming, Smash Bros style, into moving animated characters. For those interested in the roster, Shadow, Knuckles, Tails, and even Dr. Eggman can be spotted sparring it out against Sonic himself. With 32 character slots to fill, even the obscurest of the obscure will get a chance to participate (Looking at you Vector). By participating in races, you’ll even get the opportunity to accessorize whichever speedster you prefer.

Sonic Rumble Characters

Sonic Rumble has been announced for a Winter 2024 release on Android and iOS mobile platforms. SEGA is also going to run a Beta test period that can be signed up for on the game’s official site.

Hopefully, it’s no Sonic Shuffle.

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Written by Matthew Powers

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