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In a surprise announcement this afternoon, Ubisoft and Dead Cells developer Evil Empire have revealed The Rogue: Prince of Persia for  early access release next month. With a subdued/cartoony art style and some mechanics ripped straight from the Sands of Time trilogy, The Rogue looks undeniably connected to Ubisoft’s once-prosperous series.




As is to be expected, The Rogue resembles Dead Cells in both its combat and its platforming. One of the cooler additions is a wall-run mechanic, recalling The Sands of Time and allowing players to traverse both horizontally and vertically for short periods. Players will also find new and better weapons as they traverse this world to help them tackle tougher challenges.

In another comparison to Sands of Time, death won’t result in players perishing, but being sent back in time thanks to this new character’s bola. It’s a clever way to contextualize restarts as roguelikes love sending players back to the beginning.



The Rogue: Prince of Persia will be hitting Steam early access on May 14. The game will likely head to other platforms in the near future. Stay tuned!

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Written by Peter Glagowski

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