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Cassette Beasts was one of 2023’s best indie titles for its unique take on the Pokémon formula. Evoking nostalgic feelings of the Game Boy days from its pixelated art style to featuring incredible songs with vocals, it was a breath of fresh air for those of us who have grown tired of Game Freak’s rather formulaic series. Now, you’ll be able to not only experience this game with friends online but across each platform as well.

As announced a few days ago in publisher Raw Fury’s Cassette Beasts Showcase, the wonderfully playful monster-taming game will soon be getting a massive multiplayer update on May 20th, 2024. While cooperative play was already featured in Cassette Beasts at launch, it was limited to local only. Soon, that limitation will be lifted and you’ll not only be able to play online but team up with up to eight players to tackle the game’s story mode.



Battle mode in Cassette Beasts


One of the stranger omissions from Cassette Beasts was a proper battle mode. Pokémon was practically built to facilitate multiplayer versus, yet developer Bytten Studio relegated trainer battles to specific moments throughout the campaign. This will soon change as players will be able to duel each other in this new update.

Since online multiplayer is coming, that also means trading will finally be a feature. The lack of this feature made sense at launch considering there was never a method to connect with other players. It seems you’ll be able to freely change between teaming up, battling, and trading at will since eight players will be unleashed into the game world at once.


Cassette Beasts crossplay


The last major addition is that of crossplay, which feels like a no-brainer. Cassette Beasts is currently available on Nintendo Switch, PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S. Those different ports will now be able to play together and will have full compatibility with the upcoming mobile ports of the game. This will ensure that no matter what platform you’re on, you’ll always have some competition to look forward to.

As a bonus, Cassette Beasts will also be receiving some crossover DLC with the similarly themed Moonstone Island. Players will be able to unlock costumes from that title to wear in Cassette Beasts. Moonstone Island will also receive Pombomb as a playable card for its players.

This multiplayer update will be available as a free download for all players of Cassette Beasts starting on May 20th, 2024. With how exciting the main game was, I implore everyone to give it a shot now that you’ll be able to team up with friends.


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Written by Peter Glagowski

Peter has been a freelance gaming and film critic for over seven years. His passion for Nintendo is only matched by the size of his collection.