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Sometime this year, a new take on the Pokemon Trading Card Game is coming to mobile platforms. Revealed during the February 27 Pokemon Presents event, Pokemon Trading Card Game Pocket is not only putting the classic card game in a(nother) digital format, it’s reimagining what the individual cards can look like. 



What does that mean? Pokemon TCG Pocket is introducing a concept dubbed “Immersive Cards,” in which players can dive into the cards like a painting in Super Mario 64. Except instead of running away from three-dimensional death traps and firing themselves out of cannons, players can explore expanded card art that adds a new dimension to those choice moments of pack-crackin’. Check out the trailer for an example:



Speaking of pack crackin’, there’s a unique gimmick for opening booster packs in Pokemon TCG Pocket. As shown in the trailer, you swipe your finger across the top to tear open a pack, then you can browse through a mix of recreated cards from the real-life game and brand new cards made exclusively for Pocket. Additionally, you’ll be able to trade cards with friends by swiping (although this feature may not be ready for launch) alongside the typical collection-browsing you’d anticipate in an app like this.


Of course, you can also play the Pokemon TCG! According to the press release accompanying this news, you’ll be able to engage in “quick battles featuring streamlined rules” based on the real-life card game. While we don’t know the specifics yet, there is brief footage of combat included in the trailer. Let’s speculate!

While this is clearly a free-to-play mobile app, which inevitably means microtransactions, Pokemon TCG Pocket will provide players with two free packs a day. That might sound odd to write out for obvious reasons, but there are certainly worse versions of “two packs a day” out there. Anyway, we don’t have a release date yet, but we’ll certainly see how this all unfolds for ourselves before the end of the year. In the meantime, the official website has all the details from today and more.

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Written by Lucas White

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