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Last year’s Nitro Deck from CRKD is probably one of my favorite Nintendo Switch accessories. It comes in several breathtaking colors and special editions, feels premium in your hands, and works with the original Switch models or the OLED Switch, taking the place of the Joy-Con attached to the sides of the console in handheld mode. Today, CRKD revealed a brand new model of Nitro Deck, the Nitro Deck+, adding brand new features that those who have enjoyed the original Nitro Deck have been asking for.



What makes the Nitro Deck+ so special?


The original Nitro Deck is a fantastic piece of tech, featuring Hall Effect joysticks (no stick drift here!), programmable back buttons, and adjustable vibration, I’ve loved using mine and have used it exclusively on my Switch in handheld mode since I received it. So why upgrade to this new Nitro Deck+? The Nitro Deck + has a whole slew of new features that elevate it to what could be the perfect Switch peripheral.

First and foremost the Nitro Deck+ forgoes the traditional offset joystick layout featured on the Joy-Cons, the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller, and the original Nitro Deck, instead opting for symmetrical sticks in the name of greater hand comfort when playing. There are also even more programmable buttons in the form of Sidekick buttons to either side of the joysticks in addition to the programmable back buttons from the original model.


Can I dock the Nitro Deck+?


The original Nitro Deck had no chance of fitting into a Switch dock for TV play, and it’s true that the Nitro Deck+ won’t have much luck on that front either. However, CRKD has included HDMI Out capability on the Nitro Deck+, letting you use the included USB-C to HDMI adapter to “dock” your Nitro Deck+ to your TV. All you’ll need to do is make sure the Nitro Deck+ is connected to power, and then hook up the HDMI cable and you’ll be up and running!


Other upgrades to the Nitro Deck+

The Nitro Deck+ also includes Bluetooth capability, allowing you to use Bluetooth to administer firmware updates to the device, as well as letting you use Bluetooth as an alternative connection. The eject feature has also been upgraded to an “Easy Eject” system, preventing users from needing to touch or put pressure on their Switch’s screen to remove it from the Nitro Deck+.

The full list of features for the Nitro Deck+ are below:

  • Compatible with the original Switch & the OLED Model
  • Hall Effect joysticks (no stick drift)
  • Low Latency (Wired Connection)
  • Symmetrical joysticks for an ergonomic Build
  • Re-mappable Back Buttons
  • Adjustable Trigger Sensitivity
  • New Sidekick Buttons
  • Swappable Stick Tops
  • Pass-through Charging
  • HDMI Output (Includes HDMI Adapter)
  • Turbo Function
  • No Deadzone Mode
  • Motion Controls
  • Improved Adjustable Vibration
  • Bluetooth Connection
  • Easy Eject System
  • CRKD App Compatible

Unfortunately, the Nitro Deck+, like its predecessor, does not have amiibo support.

When does the Nitro Deck+ release?

The Nitro Deck+ is currently up for pre-order in Clear Black or Clear White for $69.99 each, and each unit will come with a branded microfiber string bag and a USB-C to HDMI adapter. The Nitro Deck+ is expected to ship in late April, with orders currently estimated to start shipping between April 29th and May 3rd.

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