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As if Suika Game wasn’t engrossing enough, developer Aladdin X revealed during today’s Nintendo Partner Direct that its hit fruit-matching puzzle title will be receiving multiplayer… today! That’s right, you can currently jump on the Nintendo eShop and drop a measly $2.25 to experience the joys of building fruits larger until they disappear with a friend by your side. I swear, Suika Game is a lot more involved than that description sounds.

Included in the DLC are three new modes. These are “Original,” “Time Limit,” and “Attack.” Original is pretty self-explanatory, allowing two players to play the unaltered experience together and combine their scores. Time Limit will pit each player against each other for five minutes to amass the highest score. Lastly, Attack will have players facing off in a more direct fashion by sending different fruit to each other’s columns in the hopes of knocking them out.



When is multiplayer coming to Suika Game?


The biggest question you may be asking right now is: Where is online multiplayer? While Suika Game’s DLC won’t launch with the feature, Nintendo has promised that online multiplayer will be coming in the future. You won’t need to buy a second DLC pack or anything. This version will be updated to include online functionality, allowing you to waste even more time with friends across the globe.

All in all, this multiplayer expansion sounds like the perfect and most logical way to expand Suika Game. A lot of the joy that comes from playing this is with its cute visuals and surprisingly deep matching mechanic. Bringing a friend along for the ride is the exact kind of extension you’d want from a title such as this.


Suika Game Multiplayer and Mode Expansion DLC image gallery



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