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The wait is almost over! The much anticipated final Super Smash Bros. Ultimate amiibo, Sora from the Kingdom Hearts series, is set to launch this week! As my longtime readers probably know by now, I simply can’t contain my excitement until release day to gather all the tiny details about upcoming amiibo. With that in mind, yesterday, I took to our Amiibo News Twitter account to ask if anyone in in retail had the ability to sneak a quick peek at the box for me. Luckily, user Cloud_xixi came through and delivered!

Now, the main reason I was eager to get an early look was to see if the back of Sora’s box would align with all the other Super Smash Bros. amiibo released thus far. Every Smash amiibo released at launch has consistently included some form of character art along with a brief description of the games they are compatible with. I kid you not, EVERY SINGLE AMIIBO released to date in the Super Smash Bros. line (at launch at least) has adhered to this formula… except Sora.

Old Man Yells at amiibo Box

Unfortunately, Sora, the final amiibo in the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate lineup and possibly the last Smash Bros. amiibo ever released, is stuck with generic box art. While many of you may not find this a big deal, and truthfully, I shouldn’t either, it’s just odd that after such a long journey, Nintendo didn’t stick with tradition for the last entry in the series.

Lucina vs Sora

Listen, I’ve been part of the amiibo scene for a long, LONG time. I mean, I’ve created an entire community around them over the past decade. So, seeing the final Smash amiibo receive the generic box art treatment just doesn’t sit well with me.

Oh well… Rant over.

What else can you tell us about the Sora amiibo?

Another question that’s been circulating since Sora’s announcement is about the Mickey emblem on his Keyblade. Would it move, or was it just hard molded plastic? Thankfully, the video uploaded by Cloud_xixi confirms that it is indeed hard plastic and won’t move side to side. Honestly, I wouldn’t have expected anything different.

The Sora amiibo launches this Friday, February 16th! Stay tuned to Amiibo News on Twitter for in-stock alerts. If you missed out on pre-orders, don’t worry! He’ll be available again on launch day!



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