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F-Zero 99 is the gift that keeps on giving. After concluding the Frozen Knight League last week, it seems Nintendo has some more plans in store for its battle royale racer. In a post on Twitter last night, Nintendo of America announced that a new update is live for F-Zero 99 that adds not only private lobbies but secret tracks.



Private lobbies were one of the most requested features for the game because why wouldn’t they be? Having a new-ish F-Zero game with online play just begs to have the option of playing with friends. The 99 racer concept is great, but sometimes you just want to get the gang together and speed down Mute City’s highways without dealing with 50+ random people.

As to be expected, these lobbies won’t provide the same amount of EXP as regular races and players will also receive fewer ticket points than usual. Still, being able to relive some memories with friends online is a perfect addition to this game.


F-Zero 99’s adding secret tracks


As for the secret tracks, Nintendo is really keeping that information hidden. An update log simply states that players will “occasionally” see new tracks appear while playing F-Zero 99. Dataminers are bound to figure out which new tracks are here, but this is a pretty cool way to bring extra content into the game.


F-Zero 99’s increased level cap


As for the rest of the update, Nintendo has increased the level cap on F-Zero 99’s skill rating system. Previously, players would cap out at level 99, which was indicated as an S20 rank. Now, you can continue to level up to 399, or S50 rank. While I’ve made a New Year’s resolution to place first in a match, I don’t think I’ll ever be hitting S50. That sounds like too much.


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Written by Peter Glagowski

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