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Xenoblade 3 Official Artworks Aionios Moments

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It’s fair to say that Xenoblade Chronicles 3 has officially reached the end of its lifespan. With all of the DLC having been released for over eight months by this point, the story of Aionios and its residents has long come to a close. Despite this, fans of the series may be pleasantly surprised to learn that a new art book for Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is set for release on April 1st later this year!

What is in the Xenoblade Chronicles 3 art book?

Not much is known as of now what all the book will encompass. That being said, the announcement from Dengeki Online reveals that the book — titled Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Official Artworks: Aionios Moments — will be a massive 448 pages long, so there will be no shortage of content. Concept art for Xenoblade Chronicles 3: Future Redeemed will also likely be found within, as it wasn’t included in the original Xenoblade Chronicles 3 art book that came as part of the Special Edition.

The cover itself is one of the only sections that has been revealed as of now, and if it is anything to go by, the book will be well worth it. The design depicts Noah and Mio, the two main protagonists of Xenoblade Chronicles 3 in a scene reminiscent of the ending of the main story. The artwork was done by Masatsugu Saito, a freelance artist known for his work in Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and 3 as the main character designer, as well as some work in the Fire Emblem franchise. 

Where can I purchase the Xenoblade Chronicles 3 art book?

As of now, Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Official Artworks: Aionios Moments is only available for pre-order on Amazon Japan for ¥4,400, which is a little under $30. It is unknown currently whether or not the art book will become available overseas. The Dengeki Online article mentions that the book will likely include some commentary from the designers, which may be more trouble to localize than it’s worth. Definitely keep your hopes up, but don’t be too surprised if it doesn’t happen.

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