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In what is hopefully to be the first in a new competitive category, adorable Shiba Inu Peanut Butter the Dog made GDQ history today by finishing the NES game Gyromite in 26 minutes and 24 seconds. As part of the first run of attempts for AGDQ, aka Awesome Games Done Quick, noted speedrunner JSR brought his good boy to the stage to try and set a world record for Gyromite. What followed was an amazingly good attempt that came quite close to the current record.

Sit, PB, Sit

As you can see in the above video, Peanut Butter is being assisted by JSR during his run of Gyromite. With some simple commands such as “sit” and “stay,” JSR is able to guide Peanut Butter through the game in a surprisingly clean fashion. The only real penalty, if you could call them such, is that Gyromite is a rather finicky game. Even the best players can’t always get Professor Hector to act as they want.

While this run is impressive for being predominantly performed by an animal, it’s also doubly impressive as Gyromite is one of the two games that utilized R.O.B. the Robot. For those unfamiliar with the cleverly named NES accessory, it was Nintendo of America’s attempt at reframing the NES as a toy in the US after the video game crash of 1983. Players would position R.O.B. in front of their TVs and let the flashing lights and small weights determine when he’d press the controller. Even with the best possible setup, R.O.B. was not always responsive.

History of going fast

This latest attempt by Peanut Butter isn’t his first foray into speedrunning. Roughly six months ago, JSR had Peanut Butter attempt a run on his Twitch channel and he even recorded a faster time of 25 minutes and 29 seconds. The pressures of live competition probably got to Peanut Butter, but he’s still an incredibly good boy.

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Written by Peter Glagowski

Peter has been a freelance gaming and film critic for over seven years. His passion for Nintendo is only matched by the size of his collection.