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To kick off 2024, Nintendo held another Frosty Fest in Splatoon 3 that asked the most important question of all time: Who do you spend the holidays with? Friends, Family, or Solo? While it was pretty obvious that Team Solo would take the victory as nobody has friends anymore, the final results show just how lonely we all are in the modern day. Pour one out for your friends that you don’t have.

As revealed on the official Splatoon Twitter account, Team Solo swept the competition and absolutely dominated Teams Friends and Family. While the other sides may have won matches, Team Solo scored 57 points in the final tally. That is likely because Team Friends and Family were spending time with their friends and family, so they didn’t play as many matches.



Consolation prize for Frosty Fest 2024


While that grand sweep might feel a bit deflating for the other teams, there is a consolation prize for having played. Everyone who participated in the Frosty Fest will receive some Super Sea Snails for use in-game. That should make up for the crushing defeat… or at least the knowledge that you are loved will mean more than a single win.


What’s next for Splatoon 3 in January 2024?


For all of the Solo warriors out there (and even the ones who have friends), Splatoon 3 will soon be hosting the Making It Rain… Here? Challenge. Running from January 16th to 17th, both Rainmaker and Turf War will be combined into a new special version of Turf War. The goal will be to use the Rainmaker to claim as much territory as possible, just without checkpoints or a finish line. Everyone loves blasting people with that giant Rainmaker ball, especially those of us who are alone!



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Written by Peter Glagowski

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