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Fans of the N64 and Super Smash Bros. are in for a treat. The creators behind the fabulous mod “Smash Remix” have recently released version 1.5.0, updating the game with new features, items, and a host of new characters. A very brilliantly put-together trailer that mimics some of the official Super Smash Bros. directs lays out the new features well. But before we go into what’s new, let’s chat a bit about what Smash Remix is.


What is Smash Remix?

Smash Remix” is a fan mod of the original Super Smash Bros for Nintendo 64. This project has been active for over four years and has been affectionately updated little by little since its inception. At its core, the game remains the same as the Nintendo 64 classic but has been modified to include new characters, stages, items, and mechanics.

It’s important to note that Smash Remix is not an entirely new game; instead, it modifies the original Smash Bros. 64 data, preserving the familiar and beloved Smash feel. For instance, all 12 of the game’s original fighters remain present and unmodified in Smash Remix. However, an massive addition of 18 characters has been introduced, ranging from Conker to Goemon.

New Challengers in Smash Remix

The biggest draw for any Smash update (official or not) is new characters. Smash Remix 1.5.0 has introduced Ebisumaru from the Goemon franchise, Metal Luigi, The Dragon King — which is Smash series director Masahiro Sakurai’s original character concept back when Super Smash Bros. was in early development — and Banjo & Kazooie. That last one draws a lot from Banjo & Kazooie’s official debut in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, including a 64 bit reimagining of the Ultimate stage.


Everyone is here. And then some.

The complete roster in Smash Remix comprises the original 12 fighters, along with the following additions: Bowser, Dr. Mario, Sheik, Young Link, Ganondorf, Dark Samus, King Dedede, Falco, Wolf, Mewtwo, Lucas, Marth, Wario, Sonic, Banjo & Kazooie, Conker, Marina, and Goemon (with Ebismaru serving as an echo of sorts).

Additionally, there are Boss characters available in the game, such as Giga Bowser, The Mad Piano from Mario 64, Super Sonic, Metal Mario, Peppy, Slippy, Giant Donkey Kong, and Dragon King. Encountering these characters can happen in various ways, but many are accessible from the character select screen, similar to choosing an Echo Fighter in Smash Ultimate. For instance, if you wish to play as Falco or Slippy, you can hover over Fox and press down on the D-Pad to swap out characters.


New Stages in Smash Remix

Smash Remix” didn’t just add new characters to the mix; it introduced an impressive number of new stages as well. There are so many that I’m genuinely surprised it runs on original hardware (which I can confirm it most certainly does). Beyond the vanilla Super Smash Bros, Smash Remix boasts a massive 18 stages from Melee, 10 from Brawl, one from Smash 4, and two from Smash Ultimate. If that’s not insane enough, an additional 47 original stages are included. These range from Bowser’s Keep from Super Mario RPG to the desk from the game’s opening cutscene, affectionately dubbed “First Destination.” The list exceeds anything I would ever expect from a fan project, but here we are. For a complete list of stages, I highly recommend checking out the Super Smash Bros Wiki to see everything you can get.


New Mechanics in Smash Remix

Some of the new mechanics introduced in this version of Remix include “Blast Line” warping and chargeable Smash attacks. That last one might sound ridiculous, but the OG Smash didn’t feature chargeable smash attacks. It didn’t become a series staple until Melee, so its retroactive inclusion is welcomed.


New Items in Smash Remix

Items are a huge part of the Super Smash Bros. experience, and Smash Remix offers 11 all new ones to spice up your game play. Most of these items come from other iterations of Smash, but they did add in a few new ones as well for you to play around with.

  • Cloaking Device – Melee
  • Super Mushroom – Melee
  • Poison Mushroom – Melee
  • Lightning – Brawl
  • Deku Nut – Brawl
  • Franklin Badge – Brawl
  • Pitfall – Brawl
  • Spiny Shell – Smash 4
  • Golden Gun from Goldeneye – Original
  • Dango (Healing item from Goemon series) – Original
  • P-Wing (Mario Series) – Original

How do I play Smash Remix?

Before you begin with Smash Remix, there are a few essential points you need to be aware of. Firstly, yes, it is compatible with original hardware. However, to make it function, you will need an EverDrive or a similar device. Additionally, an Expansion Pak is necessary for it to work. Alternatively, you have the option to run the hack through the Nintendo 64 emulator of your choice.

Applying the patch, while not overly complicated, still requires an original Super Smash Bros. ROM and access to the patching software. I won’t provide details on obtaining these items, but you can find a comprehensive set of instructions on the game’s official website here.


Special thanks to Peter Glagowski for assisting with this piece and the amazing Super Smash Bros. Wiki for much of the info.


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