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It’s official! Nintendo has partnered with legendary plush maker Sanei Boeki to produce a beautiful Elephant Mario Plush from Super Mario Bros. Wonder. Releasing in Japan this January, this plush is just enough to hold me over until the announcement of the entire elephant gang at some point down the line.


Where Can I purchase the Elephant Mario Plush?


You can pre-order the Elephant Mario plushie over at Play-Asia for $21.99. And remember, save 5% with the code NWIRE23 at checkout! (Note: Nintendo Wire is an affiliate partner of Play-Asia.)

Elephant Mario

Release Date – 1/31/2024

Price – $21.99

Coupon Code – Save 5% with code NWIRE23 at checkout.


How Big is the Elephant Mario Plush?


The Elephant Mario Plush Stands at 26cm (about 10 inches). It’s explicitly listed as a small sized plush, implying bigger ones might be on the way as well. Just how big could they go? Well, Nintendo has been known to make some massive plushes of other Mario characters, so it might not be too long before we see a massive variation of this fella!


Will Other Mario Characters Get an Elephant Plush?



No word on elephant plushes for other Mario characters at this time. However, it’s a pretty safe assumption that Nintendo will release more Mario Wonder themed merchandise down the line. While more Elephant plushes would be amazing, I’m personally more excited by the idea of Wonder-themed Power-Up merch for the entire Mario gang. Drill Luigi and Bubble Peach plushes would be a fantastic addition to my already overflowing plushie collection!


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