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When it comes to understanding the complexities of mental health, it can be extremely nuanced. It’s no surprise then that effectively treating people struggling with mental health issues is an ongoing subject of research. Conventional methods aren’t everything though, a study in Germany recently made a connection between playing Super Mario Odyssey and reduced depression symptoms.

The study looked at three groups of participants, all suffering from depressive symptoms. One group would undergo clinical treatment, another would train with a program called “CogPack,” and the third would be playing Super Mario Odyssey. Over the course of the six-week experiment, results showed that the people who spent that time playing video games had the most significant decrease in symptoms compared to the other two groups; as well as moderate improvements in visuo-spatial memory. 

While the results are promising, the study isn’t without flaws. Most notably is the fact that the sample size was fairly small, and the participants were aware of the groups they were assigned, so the results they described may have been biased. That being said, this study does provide valuable insight into the possible effects and benefits of playing video games as treatment for depression, and should definitely be investigated further!



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Written by Abbie Maxwell

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