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If there’s one thing I love, it’s special edition consoles. I used to run a column on this very website called Collectors Corner, where I took a look at different special edition Nintendo consoles and peripherals. Today we’re taking a look at five long-rumored N64 prototypes, special edition colorways that hadn’t seen the light of day before a former Nintendo employee let the cat out of the bag.



Back in 2019, Console Variations was contacted by a former employee of Nintendo of Europe about five unreleased variations of the N64 Funtastic line. The former Nintendo employee, known as Sascha, acquired these consoles when he worked for Nintendo in 2003 and 2004, and was looking to find them a new home. Once Sascha verified his identity with the Console Variations team, one of them traveled out to Germany to meet him.



The five prototype Funtastic colors all look incredible and each of their colors are as follows:


  • Extreme Green
  • Clear White
  • Ghost Blue and Clear White
  • Ocean Blue and Clear White
  • Purple and Clear White


Getting to see these Funtastic Prototypes is a real treat, as the many translucent N64 consoles and controllers that were available over the years heavily influenced my love for electronics and consoles that feature translucent plastics in all sorts of fun colors. The existence and discovery of these does make me wonder how many other lost console prototypes are out there, waiting to be unearthed by former Nintendo employees or collectors.


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