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Late last night, Nintendo shadow dropped a new demo for Another Code: Recollection, the upcoming remake of Trace Memory and its Japan/Europe exclusive sequel Another Code: R – A Journey into Lost Memories. Starting with the opening chapter of protagonist Ashley Mizuki Robbins’ adventure, players will get a small sample of the story and can transfer their progress to the main game once it is released in January 2024.

Recollection goes above being a mere touch-up and is a from-the-ground remake of both titles for Switch. While the story is still the same, players will now be able to fully explore each area and will be treated to brand-new voice acting and reimagined visuals. It looks like a real treat for fans of this cult-classic series.

Developed by Cing in the mid-2000s, both games were point-and-click adventure titles with one making extensive use of the DS’ touchscreen while the other adapted the format for Wii with pointer controls. While both games weren’t massive hits, they’ve amassed a cult following over the years that has wished to see a follow-up for Ashley’s story. While we may never see a third installment, at least Nintendo has seen fit to remake these beloved games for a new generation of players to experience.

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Written by Peter Glagowski

Peter has been a freelance gaming and film critic for over seven years. His passion for Nintendo is only matched by the size of his collection.