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Right on the heels of the big announcement that Universal Studios Japan’s planned Donkey Kong expansion Country to Super Nintendo World would be opening in Spring 2024, the park has shared another image and some details to highlight its signature experience. 

The ride is named Donkey Kong’s Crazy Mine Cart (though any foreign equivalent could change this) and its official logo also includes the title Mine Cart Madness – a nod to a stage in the original Donkey Kong Country game. Judging by its translated description and its accompanying image, the heaviest influence will come from Donkey Country Returns, what with the Golden Temple as a setting/show building. That giant Barrel Cannon on the other hand is much more Mario Kart, tying in nicely with both Super Nintendo World’s star attraction and the Kong’s role in The Super Mario Bros. Movie. 

Donkey Kong Country coming to Universal Studios Japan

What might spell bad news for Kremling fans is the appearance of Tiki Tong, that game’s final boss and the biggest threat the Tiki Tak Tribe had. Also present are Cranky Kong and Squawks the Parrot, some of the most recurring characters in the series alongside the series previously seen DK, Diddy, Dixie, and Rambi.

Expect Golden Bananas, long lines, and some new Power-Up Bands when Donkey Kong Country at Super Nintendo World debuts at USJ in Spring 2024. 

Donkey Kong Country expansion at Super Nintendo World Japan, including mine cart roller coaster, opening Spring 2024

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