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Super Nintendo World, a new theme park inside Universal Studios Japan, has been a massive success as a new venture for Nintendo. Opened in 2021, the park has welcomed over 40 million guests from around the world to experience the world of Super Mario Bros., Mario Kart, Yoshi’s Island and, soon, Donkey Kong Country. 



Announced today as part of a media kick-off presentation for Universal Studios Japan, a Donkey Kong Country expansion for Super Nintendo World will be opening Spring 2024. This news comes after pictures and videos of the completed mine cart coaster, themed around the temples from Donkey Kong Country Returns, hit the internet over the weekend. 



In addition to the exciting expansion news, USJ also introduced a new slogan — “Play Wild!” — for Super Nintendo World. This is all fantastic, but will I have to dodge Kremlings on opening day? 


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Written by Matthew Powers

Nintendo has been Matthew’s preference for fun video gaming since 2004. In addition to his love for all things Mario, Metroid and beyond, Matthew also enjoys heavy metal, roller coasters, pinball machines, and being a proud cat dad.