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Earlier this year, PlayStation announced a new handheld peripheral for the PlayStation 5 dubbed the PlayStation Portal. Looking like nothing more than a DualSense controller that’s been chopped in half and fitted with a screen, the PlayStation Portal vaguely resembles a Nintendo Switch, I guess.

Speaking with BBC News at the end of last month, Sony head Eric Lempel clarified that the PlayStation Portal was not a rival to the Nintendo Switch or the Steam Deck, and reiterated that the device does nothing more than act as a portable screen for the PlayStation 5. Players are required to have a PS5 to use the Portal, and the Portal cannot stream games from any of PlayStation’s cloud services on its own. The device is intended for those who wish to play away from their TV or while someone else in the household is using the TV (provided their internet connection is strong enough).



Players interested in using PlayStation’s remote play feature can do so right now with their smartphone, or you can wait and buy the $200 Wii U GamePad PlayStation Portal later this month, on November 15th.


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Written by Jaxson Tapp

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