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Splatoon 3’s Splatoween event is almost here! After being absent during last year’s Halloween season, Splatoween is back in 2023. This year’s Splatoween asks residents of Splatsville to choose which spooky creature would be the best friend: a zombie, a skeleton, or a ghost? The three members of Deep Cut will also be attending the Splatoween festivities in their stylishly spooky costumes, as seen below:



Want your own spooky look to attend Splatoween in? Keep an eye on the Splatoon 3 channel in your Nintendo Switch’s News tab, because there’s a distribution of some ghoulish gear set to begin soon! Players will be gifted the Undead Head, Swim Reaper, Plankton Walker, and Bleak Beak headgear.

Splatoween begins in Splatoon 3 on October 27th, at 5 p.m. PT | 7 p.m. CT | 8 p.m. ET!


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