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The Pokémon Company is no newcomer to live-action adaptations. Just a few years ago, Detective Pikachu, their first foray into live-action Poké-cinema, graced big screens worldwide and achieved massive success. Now, Japanese audiences have something new to look forward to in the realm of live-action adaptations, but this time with a pretty major twist.


Ah! The good ol’ days!


PokéTsume, the live-action story of a girl rediscovering her love for Pokémon after stumbling upon her childhood copy of Pokémon Red upon relocating to Tokyo, isn’t a conventional Pokémon adventure. Instead, this game exists beyond the fantastical world depicted in the games and anime, instead, focusing on the impact that the Pokémon games have had on its fans over the past 25 years. Check out the first trailer below!



The show is set to debut on October 17th on TV Tokyo. Sadly, it’s unlikely we will see a localized version of this drama, but I imagine fans will arise to the challenge with dubs of their own before you know it.

Thanks to Serebii for uploading the trailer!


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Written by Jason Ganos

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