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Update (9/29/23): The Brazilian rating board has removed the Red Dead Redemption 2 listing and replaced it with one for the first game, meaning it was almost certainly a clerical error. We probably shouldn’t expect RDR2 on Switch anytime soon.



Red Dead Redemption released on Nintendo Switch relatively recently, leading some very wishful people to wonder if we’d see the sequel on the console. Well, despite Red Dead Redemption 2 coming a generation later on much stronger hardware, a rating for the game on Switch has popped up in Brazil.



It does seem unlikely for the game to run on Switch, but ratings can mean everything or nothing depending on the context. The logical assumption might be to speculate about RDR2 running on the much-rumored Switch successor, but we have little to base that on. We’ll just have to see if this pans out into anything in the long term.


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Written by Amelia Fruzzetti

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