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Recently, we all received the heartbreaking news that longtime voice of Mario, Luigi, Wario, Waluigi, and more beloved characters Charles Martinet would no longer be stepping into the shoes of Mushroom Kingdom plumbers, and that in lieu of his voice acting duties he would take on the new role of “Mario Ambassador.” It kinda sounded like a classic ‘creative executive high consultant’ position that nobody really knows the purpose of. And it turns out, neither does Martinet.



“I am now a Mario Ambassador,” said Martinet at a recent Galaxycon Austin 2023 Q&A. “I don’t know what that is yet.” *crowd laughter* “I’m not retired as it were, but I’m an ambassador. As we step forward into the future, we’ll all learn exactly what that is.”


So he’s just as eager to find out what his position entails as the rest of us. But it’s nice to know that he’s not out and out retired, and that we’ll still be seeing him in the coming years. Now if only Nintendo would tell us – and him – what he’s going to be doing exactly. 



Via: Nintendo Everything


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