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Alien Hominid was the very first title by indie studio The Behemoth back in the ancient year of 2004, before they went on to make Castle Crashers, Battleblock Theater, and more. Now almost twenty years later, the sidescrolling classic is coming to HD on modern platforms, including the Switch.



The original’s handdrawn art is faithfully retained and upscaled into high definition. Run, shoot, and chomp your way through enemies in your path in either solo or co-op, with three classic difficulties to choose from. There are also all of the original’s mini games included if you want to take a quick break.

Alien Hominid HD is coming soon. Alien Hominid Invasion, a reimagining of the game, will also be coming out sometime this year, with both games available in a bundle. Stay tuned for details.


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Written by Amelia Fruzzetti

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