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Cats have nine lives, and thus may be able to break the cycle of death and rebirth. That’s the core concept of Umbraclaw, a new action game from Inti Creates and Blaster Master Zero director Satoru Nishizawa that follows the journey of Kuon, a cat who’s passed away and must return to his owner from the afterlife known as the Soulplane.



Featuring a unique art style with thick outlines and heavy shading, the game revolves around a unique mechanic – Kuon can’t really deal with enemies at first besides simply dodging through them, but upon death he gains the abilities of various animals like tigers and crows, imparting him with new abilities. This culminates in a powerful human form that powers up all his skills. But cats only have nine lives… will you be able to return home before then?

Umbraclaw is “deep in development” without a clear release date. We’ll be sure to update once that’s announced.

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