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Toby Fox is a man – er, dog – known for being… shall we say… a bit cheeky. Trollish, if we’re less euphemistic. In addition to a recent Deltarune development update, Toby spilled about a little piece of cut Undertale content that would’ve played if you reached the hallway with Sans at the end of the game fast enough (basically, if you speedran). What happens? Well, the goofy little skeleton eats some ice cream for a solid minute of game time.



It’s a quintessentially Undertale bit: silly, irreverent, blurring the lines of the fourth wall. You can understand some reasons why it was cut, though, as it would’ve been maybe a little too irritating to any speedrunners for the sake of a joke that would lose all flavor the second time around. It’s probably for the best, though it’s also nice we got a recreation after all this time.


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Written by Amelia Fruzzetti

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